Friday’s are my fav

I’m feeling a dash of love for salads lately. I used to dislike them but now I am all about jazzing them up. My mom did a great salad bar for Mother’s Day. She had so many different things to put on your salad and it kind of inspired me to get more creative with my salads. The toppings that I really liked were some steamed balsamic asparagus, pecans, watermelon radishes, avocado and probably more I am forgetting. She convinced me to bring the leftovers home and I thoroughly enjoyed them on Monday for lunch. 

I’m going to admit I failed miserably at dinners this week. It was a mish mosh of my favorite gluten free pancakes, take out, and a green chili egg bake that I got from my best bud, Alli.  

I did manage to craft a couple decent lunches though… Another lunch  I am loving is vanilla yogurt, with fresh strawberries, and granola. 

The little guy this week has been very busy (as seen from the above picture). I keep his toys in a gazillion different bins and this week he has thoroughly enjoyed dumping everything out. He giggles and kicks his feet after he dumps out his toys. I’ll do another post next week of his playroom that we finally set up. 

Hope  your weekend is full of sunshine and sprinkles. (I’m really hoping to get back to baking. 🙂🍪) 



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