Friday Favs- brunching and climbing 

This past weekend I met my pal Alli for brunch at Hola Arepa. We each agreed that it truly is amazing to sit down and have a meal together without kids and get to talk and hear what’s been been going on in each other’s lives. I’ve been there for dinner and really like the beef and plantain Arepa but I had never been for brunch. Let me tell you the brunch menu rocks. We split two dishes. 

Yuca Hash

Fried Chicken and Cachapas 

On a completely different note let’s play a game… Can you tell the difference between these two pictures? 

There are probably a couple differences but the big one is the coffee table is gone… R has decided his favorite thing to do now is climb on the coffee table and pull himself to standing and then proceed to march on the table… Alas the cofffee table is on vacation (moved to downstairs) until we get past this crazy climbing phase… The plus side there is tons of room for dancing and playing. 

One more thing that I love that Galina suggested is we have brought a step stool out and placed it next to the couch… It helps R get  up on the couch which is great because he is constantly moving and it’s nice to let him do stuff like this himself. 

Any great suggestions for a child who loves to climb? 

Also where are your favorite places to brunch? 

Happy Weekend! 



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