Friday Favs- words of wisdom

This week was definitely devoted to learning…. It was pretty much the theme of our week and I have always thought that if you don’t try you’ll always wonder what might of been… 

1. Do not go to the zoo on a holiday. I am. It sure why I thought we should embrace our zoo membership and go on Monday (Presidents’ Day). Kids are out of school and it was raining which was not great. The plus side was Justin was with us and we managed to see a couple of things and then head out in about 30 minutes (fish, monkeys, penguins, and flamingos)… success in our books 

2. When it comes to ice cream cone cake pops… Do not make the cake balls too big or they won’t sit right on the ice cream cones… I learned this after I had done all of the chocolate so the vanilla ones turned out way better. 

3. Last thing… we attempted was breakfast for dinner last night. I tried out this recipe for drop biscuits. I omitted the cream of tartar (Marcy, I think of you every time I see this word FYI 😊) and they were terrible… so bland and blah… Anyone have any suggestions? I have a great buttermilk biscuit recipe but I wanted to make something easier last night and it was no good. 

Have a great weekend! 



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