Delish Dinners

 (I took absolutely zero pictures of our meals this week so I thought why not just post a recent picture of Ross…. Maybe that is a goal for next week take pictures of meals.) 
This week I cooked… Can I have a gold star? For some reason making dinner requires a little bit more planning … Before Ross and before being pregnant I liked the challenge of new recipes and trying out new techniques in the kitchen… Now I am determined to not have to go to the grocery store with Ross… If I can send my husband to the store with a list or if I can get someone to watch him so I can grocery shop alone I find that to be the easiest and most successful option. Now anyways back to these meals… I wanted to really utilize my ingredients this week and not use them for single dishes… That is one of my cooking goals  to use ingredients up and not be wasteful… So here is what I did this week. 

Sunday dinner- Giada’s Garlic Roasted Chicken and Root Veggies

Monday dinner- Chicken Quesadillas – I shredded the leftover chicken from Sunday night. 

Tuesday dinner- Giada’s Pastina Soup- I used some of the leftover  carrots,onion, and fresh thyme from the roasted chicken dinner. 

Recipe is from her new cookbook… I am going to attempt the Chicken Marsala Meatballs from it next week. 

Wednesday night- I ate leftover soup. Justin had a work event and it was nice to relax with Ross and Leo. 

Thursday night- I whipped up a roasted butternut squash soup. I used up the carrots and onions. It turned out to be pretty good. Also I must say thanks to my friend, Alli for recommending the cubed butternut squash from Costco. It was a GREAT time savor. 

I would say that I’m pretty happy with how our meals went this week. It did require a bit more planning to make sure I would utilize ingredients but in the end I feel good knowing that I was not as wasteful with food as I had been in the past… Don’t even ask me what’s for dinner tonight because I’m pretty sure it’s take out šŸ˜‰