Friday Favs- sunshine and stroller walks

I have no complaints when it comes to the weather this week. The mix of upper 60’s, mid 70’s and a day of high 80’s is pretty much all over the place but I love warm weather so I can definitely roll with it.  Also being able to break out my flip flops makes me quite happy 🙂. 

I tried to stay on the cooking train and make a meal plan for a cooking filled week but my plans had to change because I forgot that Justin was going to be out of town for work 2 days this week. We did manage to cook on Monday which was great. We seared steaks in the skillet and finished them in the oven. I made an herb butter to put on the steaks that was delish.(unsalted butter, fresh minced garlic, dried rosemary, and black pepper)  We had rice and roasted beets with the steak. 

The little guy and I got outside and did many stroller walks this week. I managed to get 2 walks around the lake with friends this week which was fantastic. 

This week the little fella is loving so many different things. He is really getting interested in music and loves to play with his instruments and anything else he can make noise with. I got him a set of plastic measuring cups and spoons a couple months ago and he has really just started to get interested in playing with them. I got him a pair of sunglasses this week and while I love them and think he looks pretty cool… He doesn’t seem to be a huge fan. I’m crossing my fingers that he changes his mind. 

Hope your weekend is full of flipflops and frozen drinks. (Secretly that’s what I am wishing for😉) 


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