Friday Favs round 3

TGIF pals! I’m not gonna lie that I might instead be saying TGIS tomorrow… Justin has been on a work trip in Hong Kong since last Saturday and I cannot wait to see him tomorrow! Major gold stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to all the single moms out there… I am sooo tired… I have been going to bed at 9:30 every night and saying a little prayer that the little man will sleep through the night… So far so good 🙂 Alas I am rambling and I need to fill y’all in on our Friday favs this week. 

Recipes: I cooked one night this week. Little man and I met people for dinner and also I made some pretty basic stuff for myself during the week that really could not be considered cooking. This grilled salmon with honey soy glaze I made though was so good. I have had this recipe for a couple of years but don’t make it as much as I like because Justin doesn’t eat fish. Since he was away I made it for my pal, Alli. Our babies are a couple months apart and they are sooo cute when they play together. 

Random items bought: I love love love my Woven Pear socks. I’ve talked about them before but they had a deal for their birthday this week (buy a pair and get a random pair free). I ended up getting the pair with bicycles on them. 

Little Guy ❤️s: He is really into a ton of different things this week. We tried out his rocking chair today and he was giggling and smiling a bunch. Also he loves holding his own books right now and he has been mesmerized by my phone this week too. I remembered that my mom got him this play iPhone and he has enjoyed pushing all the buttons and watching them light up. 


Happy Weekend!




Craveable Chocolate Cupcakes

Last week the little man and I surprised my mom at work on her birthday. We brought her cupcakes but these are no ordinary cupcakes these are extra special because I took my Aunt Bobbye’s legendary chocolate cake recipe and made cupcakes for the first time with it. 

Now the back story on this cake. This cake is legendary because it is something my aunt is known for… Any special occasion this cake has been present for and it is in my opinion one of the best chocolate cakes and I am sure my cousins and brother would agree with me. So I share this with y’all because I want you to try it out because I can promise you it doesn’t disappoint. Also I’m pretty excited because our little family just booked tickets to go see my Aunt Bobbye and my cousins and all these adorable kiddos next month  and…. I’m betting that when we all get together this cake will definitely be there… 😊


PS- I’m lazy and I took a picture from my recipe binder.🙂


Friday Favs February 19, 2016

This week I cooked more and we ended up staying home more too. Little man turned 8 months this week too. Where is my baby? 

Recipes- I ended up making fajitas this week and instead of using one of those spice packets I just seasoned the chicken with Lawrys seasoned salt. We both liked it a lot more and I think this will become “the norm” for us when we make fajitas now. Also I made Cincinnati Chili. I saw the recipe on the Cooking Channel show, Sweet Julia. When my husband and I were dating we went to Cincinnati to visit his family and I had Skyline chili. It’s delicious and the thing I learned is that you have to specify how you want your chili. 

 2-Way: chili and spaghetti

 3-Way: chili and cheese

 4-Way: add onions or kidney beans
 5-Way: add onions and kidney beans
We both chose to eat it with spaghetti, cheese, and onions. 

Random items bought- I didn’t really buy anything this week. I did use the gap cash I had to buy the little dude some more clothes. He is growing like a weed and I like to buy the next size up when I can. 


Little Guy Loves- This is an easy one because my husband snapped a photo today when we met him for lunch. Now that he can sit in a high chair when we go out he is loving toys that suction to the table. His favorite one is a monkey that has a mirror on the foot.
Happy Friday 🙂


Friday Favorites

  I have been meaning to blog and time has just been moving so fast the last few weeks. Also my little man has decided he is over long naps. I miss 2 hour naps and would love to see them come back. The short 30 minute naps are just not giving me time to get stuff done… I’m done rambling… I was thinking this morning that I want to start posting every Friday what my favorite things were from the previous week (recipes, items I found, things the little guy loves, etc) so…here goes the first post of my favs: 

Recipes: Giada’s Garlic Roasted Chicken and    Bobby Flay’s Sweet Potato Biscuits 

These were two separate dinners. I like to bake the sweet potatoes the night before,mash them, and store them in the fridge. The biscuits we served with scrambled eggs with Parmesan. The roasted chicken we served with white rice. I have made both of these recipes a couple times and I really enjoy how they turn out each time I make them. 

Random items bought: Chuao S’mores Bar

I love chocolate! I saw this on a grocery trip and snatched it up. I love how there are marshmallows on the back of the bar. 

Little guy loves: This week it’s a toss up between our dog, Leo and his piano from his Kick and Play

Happy Weekend 🙂