Friday Favs- back on track 

It’s January and lots of people are on New Year resolution kicks… I am not doing that however, I am trying to get back to eating more salads and veggies. Does anyone else find that hard especially in the winter? Lately when I go to the grocery nothing looks super appealing to me… whereas in the summer when we go to farmers markets I feel I enjoy veggies more and look forward to incorporating them in meals. 

I picked up a great salad from Potbelly one day this week for lunch. 

Also while on the salad kick… this dressing is amazing. We had it on Caesar salad at my in laws and I loved it… we bought it and made a quick Caesar salad with grilled chicken for dinner one night this week. 

On another note…

This is how I spent last weekend… 

R had a bad cold so we stayed at home and watched tons of Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and of course Despicable Me (my favorite).  I know I rave about this chair a bunch but omg it’s probably one of R’s top 5 favs for the last month and I ❤️ it too! He spent a lot of time in it last weekend. 

That’s about all I am going to share with you from this past week…It was somewhat of a crazy week trying to get R back in his groove… I’m very excited to meet up with friends this coming weekend and to spend some time with my little family too. Also I am going to meal plan like crazy this weekend in hopes of some veggie filled meals for next week. 

Happy Friday Friends! 



Friday Favs- hodgepodge

I started working on this post earlier this week but even as I finish it today (Thursday) my brain is mush and I can’t fathom a title… this post does not focus on a central aspect so it’s a hodgepodge… 

I managed to photograph one dinner this week. We made Barefoot Contessa’s tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons.  This does not photograph well but omg it’s sooo good. This was my first time using saffron. I got it last weekend at Penzeys.  I felt like this recipe made a lot so I would suggest being smarter than we were and freezing some or invite some family/friends over to enjoy it with you. 
Mucci’s Italian has been making doughnuts on Saturdays and Sundays since February of last year… I can’t believe it took me this long to venture over to St Paul to grab some doughnuts for us. I can promise you these are worth the drive and very delicious. 

My favorite was the chocolate glazed. R really enjoyed the vanilla glazed with sprinkles.  I noticed when I went to pick these up that you can choose to buy your doughnuts at the counter and eat them there. We will definitely be going back  soon. 🍩❤️

R is growing up and this week we put his highchair downstairs. He has been trying to pull a chair out at the table and we decided to embrace it and start having him sit at the table in a booster chair. See that broccoli… He wouldn’t eat it… but doesn’t it look pretty in the picture… Next imagine it flung all over the table… 😂 Toddlers… I need a handbook of how to deal… no one tells you how meal times change when you give a toddler a fork… At least Leo is enjoying this change. Thank goodness for the Ezpz mat… it sticks to the table so he can’t lift it up and fling all his food. 

While we are on the topic of R I must share 2 things that are making bath time fun… Elmo bath book and Very Hungry Caterpillar bath book. I found both on Amazon. When R gets a bath these 2 books are requested multiple times. His favorite words lately are Elmo and apple. 

Hope your weekend is full of lots of fun! 


Friday Favs- some old and some new 

I felt like a broken record the last few weeks. I kept saying I am going to menu plan and cook a couple nights but for some reason it took some time to get back in the groove. I menu planned this past weekend and typed up a grocery list too. It helped to grocery shop on Saturday because I found it less crazy then when I usually go on Sunday. 

I posted  this picture on Instagram a few days ago of a cupcake that I made. I got the recipe from a good friend that I grew up with. These cupcakes are  something that her mom is well known for and bring back many childhood memories. 

I didn’t only make cupcakes this week… I roasted two very different chickens on Tuesday night. This one I made and nixed the brine and the thyme because I didn’t have it. It was so great and we ended up making BBQ baked potatoes with it. Here is a picture of my leftover lunch one day… delish 🙂

We made our trusted herb roasted chicken too.  I think I might be tired of chicken now…. send steak and fish 😊 

R is even more on the move then we could imagine. He is climbing on everything and sitting on everything too… poor Leo (see below) 

It’s been a really cold week and we might be getting a little stir crazy…. 

Hope you have a fantastic weekend and stay warm! 


The First Friday Favs of 2017

This trampoline is the best! R gets so much energy out and it is easy for him to get on and off on his own. It’s a lifesaver this week with all the cold weather we have been having. 

Smoothies! I have said it before… it’s the easiest way to get breakfast when you are chasing after a toddler. I got the idea from Weelicious and have been loving it. Usually I do a combination of frozen fruit, fresh spinach, bananas, hemp seeds, chia seeds, yogurt, protein powder and low fat milk. 

We had lunch at Pajarito on Tuesday when Justin was off of work. Justin and I loved their homemade guacamole and I was pretty impressed with the chilaquiles too. It’s far from a leisurely lunch with R now at 18 months. They made him a quesadilla which was perfect and helped buy us about 30 minutes to eat and get out of the restaurant before he started screaming.  

This chair rocks! Our dear friends, Rachel and Spencer gave this to R when he was born. He ❤s it and has lately been spending  lots of time playing in it or requesting Elmo or Mickey to be put on the tv. 

Anyone else deal with from 5:30 pm -6:30 pm a crazy time with their kids daily? Our new thing is we pull out some bin of toys(musical instruments, play food, legos, mega blocks, etc) and sing a long to the straight no chaser channel on pandora… somehow it helps until Justin gets home from work. 😊

When all else fails just stand on your head… right? 

Happy Friday and stay warm! 


New Years 2017

Here is how we celebrated New Years through pictures:

I made this list at the beginning of December and we ended up checking almost  everything off the list…. we could not make a snowman ⛄️ because the snow has been too powdery but hopefully we can do it in January. 

(We watched Happy New Year Charlie Brown with R before he went to bed on New Years Eve.) 

Also we started a new New Years tradition… each year the three of us will  have matching shirts, pajama pants or fun socks. This year we went with matching shirts. 

Homemade pizza for dinner 

(Homemade peppermint ice cream cake-picture is not pretty but I wanted to show the layers- Oreo crust, peppermint ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top) 

Getting comfy in his crib- night night R

Happy New Year! Hoping 2017 is a great year for all of you.