Friday Favs- February Edition

(❤Valentine’s Day 2016❤)

It’s February! I feel like I am in a small group when it comes to loving this month… I give credit to my mom majorly because she started me at a young age loving all the hearts and everything… I’m rambling though…. I’ve decided to make this edition of Friday Favs targeted towards all things associated with Valentine’s Day… Also I am not calling this a gift giving guide for spouses bfs/gfs… Justin does not like this holiday so I never count on him to be into it… I am making it more about R and me… plus I think that it is perfectly acceptable to shower ones self with lots of ❤. 

1. Books- I have bought a couple  for R. 

Love this one

This one 

One more

2. Decorations- When R gets older we will go crazy with these… for now I just have these on the mantle. 
3.  Pink and Red stuff- I’m obsessed with the Polaroid Snap Touch Digital Camera. I really like the red one (hint hint… to myself… let’s be honest 😂)  Also all of the cute Valentine’s Day stuff at William Sonoma and these socks from Woven Pear (love this brand, especially living in Minnesota where you take your shoes off all the time.. it’s fun to have cute socks) and this ❤sweatshirt

4. Cards- one day I will get my act together around Valentine’s Day and be organized and send a cute family photo card via Shutterfly or something but alas this is not the year… Also I must say there are some super cute valentine card sets out there: this one,  these, and last these  dinos

5. Restaurant ideas- I would highly suggest to my fellow Minnesotans since Valentine’s Day is on a Thursday this year… take advantage of Cafe Lurcat Sunday Date Night. It’s a wonderful deal, beautiful atmosphere and great food… we haven’t been in a while but I imagine it’s still good… when all else fails though and your home with kiddos like us… I would suggest a  heart shaped  pizza… I found out that  Giordanos is selling heart shaped from Friday, February 10 through Friday,February 17. You can even order it parbaked and finish in your oven… which we have done a couple times and it’s great. Dessert is my jam and I do love to bake but, a  cookie cake from Mrs. Fields in a heart shape (my favorite dessert) would be fun to have with family and/or friends too. 

(Homemade heart cake pops … Valentine’s Day before R) 

Sending lots of ❤ 



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