Friday Favs- Glass 1/2 full

After being honest with all of you and myself last week I felt this week was much more successful. We cooked three nights this week which worked great. The other nights we had family dinner and a meeting at R’s school. Also we managed to fit in some exercise and our flu shots… I’ll call that a win win in my book. Here are our favs: 

Meals- I did not set the bar too high this week. I made two meals solo and 1 with Justin’s help.  I prepped Barefoot Contessa’s Sour Cream Pancakes on Monday afternoon (without bananas)  and when Justin got home I played With R and he cooked them for us. Tuesday when Justin was home we made Bobby Flay’s popovers (without pepper, eggs, or bacon) and served them with Grin and Cook It Quick Matzo Ball Soup. I’m glad I saved those two dishes for Tuesday because they were a bit time consuming and we both took turns entertaining R. Thursday morning I prepped veggie chili and put it in the crock pot to cook on low until Justin got home. I was able to get this one done but R was not happy in baby jail (pack n play) while I was getting it done. Any suggestions? I’ve tried all sorts of toys, music, and even Sesame Street to occupy his attention but he wants to be in my arms and playing with me. The soup was ok and I will share it but I want to tweak it a bit more so… stay tuned.

Veggie Chili
R’s favorite things this week can either be bought or found in your home. He loves all sorts of utensils. I got him this pretend pancake set. He crawls around the house clutching the spatula that came with it or he tries to chew on it. 

Also he likes to share the pan with Leo. 

Another item he enjoys is toilet paper. I tried to put some makeup on this week and had a feeling he was being too quiet… I caught him in the act. 

I learned my lesson… 

Happy Weekend! 



Friday Favs- feels like fall

One day I will send him to the grocery store and i’ll be able to lounge at home and catch up on my dvr. 😊

I don’t know about y’all but I am already starting to embrace fall. It’s not even October yet but I am already planning R’s Halloween πŸŽƒπŸ‘» costume. Also this weekend we are going to the apple orchard with friends and I can’t wait to snap some photos of R with his friend by the 🍎 trees. This week we had R’s 15 month appointment. I adore his pediatrician… she is the sweetest and relatable because she has a little gal around R’s age…. She asked Justin and I how things are going and I flat out said… I love our little guy but tell me this… how am I supposed to get anything done while with him… He screams when I put him in the pack n play for 30 seconds to move laundry/take a bathroom break/ or prep dinner… I asked her what she does… and this is why I ❀️ her… she responded with get take out… Needless to say… we can’t do take out every night but we can embrace reality and that dinners will not be what they used to be unless it’s a Sunday or Tuesday when Justin is around to keep R away from Leo’s bowl. (see below and then times that by a gazillion because that is our life) 

Last weekend I had the best time catching up with friends. I met a friend for lunch at Revival. We enjoyed some of the best fried chicken and shared some mac and cheese, grits, and collard greens. 


Then on Sunday I met some  of my mom pals for brunch at Spoon and Stable. I highly recommend the almond pear danish (no picture, sorry), hash browns, and creamed spinach. I ended up ordering sides for my meal and I was very happy 😊. 

Yes, those are cheese curds on top of the creamed spinach…AMAZING!

While at brunch we chatted about a book called I Want My Epidural Back: Adventures in Mediocre Parenting. If you have children I highly advise you to read this and I also suggest you follow her on Facebook and Instagram (type in baby sideburns). She is hilarious and I love how she tells the truth and she writes what you might be thinking about but too afraid to say out loud…πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

Happy Fall πŸπŸŽƒπŸŽ


Friday Favs- rolling along

As I was walking around the lake  with my pal, Galina on Thursday morning I realized I needed to put together a blog post. I told her I’m really not sure what I want to share this week. She smiled at me and said I’m sure you’ll think of something… I have a couple new photos of the little guy… but no new recipes… I have decided to share with you some things that keep me going as a SAHM (stay at home mama)….people throw that acronym out a ton… I had no idea what it meant for the longest time so  I googled it…here we go:

1. music music music- it not only keeps me happy but it keeps the little guy happy… We listen to his Music Together songs a lot but I can’t listen to kiddo music all the time so we mix it up with pandora and music from iTunes… my music taste I would say is eclectic (love that word) and my playlists jump from motown to country to current pop to alternative and a variety of others… two of my new favorite songs are 11 blocks by Wrabel and Wake Me Up by Tebey. 
2. mom breaks- Justin encourages me to do things for myself whether be walks alone/ with friends around the lakes, meeting up with  friends for brunch/lunch/dinner and etc… I went for a couple walks around the lake this week- 1 solo and 2 with the little guy… I forgot to take any photos but I did snap this one on Thursday which made me smile- little guy crawled over to me and randomly scratched my back… it’s kind of a mom break, right?  πŸ˜Š

3. At one point I thought I might do a post on how my beauty regiment has changed since I had a kid… I might still tackle it at a later date but for now these are what I rely on now to survive daily : ghd flat iron– my hair is not straight or curly… it’s wavy and it has a mind of its own… I have had my flat iron for probably 4-5 years I can’t remember but I πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š it… it’s purple which is random because if you know me you know my favorite color is green but anyways it’s the best… I try not to use it daily but when needed it can help tame my  tresses… one day this week little guy was in no mood to chill so I managed to blow dry my hair part way  and was able to flat iron the front part of my hair and throw it in a ponytail…  survival…  

4. Two more beauty fav- When I can put on a bit of makeup during the week when I am home with the little guy it consists of mascara and eyeshadow. My favs are Urban Decay perversion mascara  (it’s easy to grab at ulta) and  Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow (Lasts a long time and just swipe on with make up brush… occasionally I will brush a powder eye shadow on top)

Happy Weekend! 


Friday favs- fun with friends and the fairΒ 

Mom brain has been in full effect this week… I’m so glad that I love taking pictures because without them I would probably be drawing so many blanks on what has happened… Thank goodness also for Evernote and my google calendar… It’s the only way I stay somewhat organized… 

1. The state fair was completely different this year as compared to last… Little guy slept through everything last year… This year he slept through the corn dogs but was awake for the miracle of birth barn, a stop at the Home Depot tent, and sharing some ice cream with his mom. The kiddos lasted a lot longer than we thought they would and we had a great time with our friends. 

2. On Tuesday I got to meet up for dinner with a couple of friends who I used to work with… We had so much fun catching up on what’s happening in each of our lives.

Can you guess which glass is mine? I’m pretty predictable and when I can enjoy a  drink and be hands free (no kid) I always pick prosecco. 

3. My favorite dinner this week was really easy to execute.  If they take too long it’s not happening… Little guy can only sit in baby jail (pack n play) for so long with his toys…We did a crepes bar and it was sooo good… Lots of toppings which equals many different and delicious crepes. 

Savory toppings- two types of cheese, salsa, scallions, sautΓ©ed mushrooms and onions, and scrambled eggs 

Sweet toppings- cinnamon sugar, nutella, powdered sugar, bananas, blackberries, and strawberries (not pictured) 

Hope your weekend is wonderful! 


Friday Favs- Summer lovin

Bye bye August…. I can’t get over how fast this summer has gone by… I had high hopes for spending more time at the lakes and farmers markets this summer but embraced the reality of how it’s not always the easiest to get there with the little guy… Our favs this week are a jumble but I am very proud of us for cooking 3 nights this week and we managed to get outside and move some too! 

1. I got a great walk in on Thursday around Lake Calhoun. My mother in law had the little guy and I embraced some me time. I wore this bag and used my wireless headphones and enjoyed a hands free walk around the lake (no stroller 😎) 

2. Sushi Sushi Sushi 🍣…. One of my top favs! I had one of the greatest lunches at Wakame Bistro with my best pal, Galina. We were both kid free but still managed to talk about our kiddos a lot. 😊

3. Little guys lunch box came in the mail this week. He doesn’t start school till the beginning of October. If you truly know me you know I am a crazy planner and wanted to start getting all his stuff. I have heard great things from Instagram and Facebook about the PlanetBox. I got him the Rover and am hoping this will be able to withstand a couple years. I’m already trying to brainstorm lunch ideas that are kosher  dairy, nut free and egg free…. I would love any suggestions. 

4. If little guy could talk he would tell you his favorite thing this week is his stacking cups. We got the idea from our pal, Erin. They are not super expensive and he loves banging them together or knocking down towers that I make for him. 

5. Last weekend I met a bunch of friends for brunch at Burch.  It was so nice to catch up and enjoy some yummy food too. I must say this was the best biscuit I have had in the twin cities. 

Hope you all have a great long weekend!