Beach balls for the birthday boy!

I have been meaning to blog this for about a week. I wanted to share some photos and details from Little Guy’s 1st birthday party. 

Invitations- Tiny Prints 

Decorations- lots of stuff from Pinterest and balloons from Corner Balloon

Cakes- Byerlys  

Beach Balls- Oriental Trading 

Party Favor Tags- Etsy 

Some of our favorite pictures 😊

He loved playing  with the beach balls in his pjs the morning of the party. 

How cute is this Little Blue Truck cut out that my friend, Laura made for us for the party. Ross still πŸ’™s playing with it. 

All those water balloons and a lot of gorilla glue turned into a fun decoration on the front door. 

I snapped this right before I gave him lunch on the day of the party. His party was in the afternoon and our house was already starting to be in party mode. Also that giant bowl of goldfish was for the party… That was not his lunch that day πŸ˜‰ 

I was planning on putting this balloon bouquet in the middle of the table but it was too tall so we had it on the kitchen island instead. 

These are still hanging in the playroom. I found these on Pinterest and it was really easy to whip up. 

I’m so bummed that this is the only kid picture I have from the party. I meant to take more…  as you can tell it’s hard to get these 3 dudes attention. πŸ™‚

Left: cake we served 

Right: smash cake 

This little guy put his hands in the cake but could have cared less about putting it in his mouth. Also after this picture was taken he started fussing because just like his dad he does not love getting his hands messy. 

Party Favors- sand bucket (Target), 2 bags goldfish crackers (Target), bubbles (Target), sunglasses (Oriental Trading), and mini beach balls (Oriental Trading) 

I can’t believe our little guy is 1. Now as I reflect back on his party all I can say is I wish I would have taken more pictures but… Besides that I was very happy with how it all turned out. 



Friday Favs- First trip to Duluth

The Friday Favs this week are all about Duluth. My dad is here visiting right now and we drove to Duluth on Tuesday for the day. It was my dad and the little guys first trip to Duluth. We hit all the highlights and I think they both had a blast. 

Lunch- Northern Waters Smokehaus

It’s tough to say who enjoyed this place the most. Little guy tried smoked whitefish for  the first time and loved it. I got an Italian sandwich that had ricotta and a couple varieties of salami and some olives that was delish. Just look at this menu πŸ˜‹

Our spread: 

Exploring-  We drove a bit and ended up at Split Rock Lighthouse. We parked by pebble beach and walked over to the water. It was so cold! We found a picnic bench and decided to do a pie  taste test between two local favorites: Betty’s Pies and Rustic Inn Cafe.  

(left Rustic Inn Cafe Summer Berry Pie and on the right is Betty’s Great Lakes Pie) 

All three of us agreed that as far as presentation went Betty’s looked much better.  

The vote was split though when it came to taste. Justin and I enjoyed Betty’s more. My dad liked Rustic Inn better.  

It was a great trip to Duluth and we can’t wait to go back. 

Hope your weekend is full of a dash of relaxation, lots of laughter, and a ton of smiles. I’m excited to have a somewhat low key weekend with Justin and the little guy. 


Friday Favs- super short

My Friday favs this week are going to be super short. I have been in crafting mode all week to get ready for Little Guys 1st birthday party with his buddies. I am going to do a blog post on Monday of all the details of his party but… anyways I have to say I loved the list format from last week so let’s do it again πŸ™‚

1. There is something about salads in the summer that I love. I’m really loving this strawberry pecan salad. I took 2 different recipes from online. The candied pecans were so delish. I followed one of the comments and did a 1/2 teaspoon instead for the salt and I did 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract instead of the water. Also I lined a baking sheet with foil and put the pecans on it which made clean up so much easier. The dressing I used was from this recipe. I had crumbled goat cheese and crumbled feta on the side for people to choose which they preferred. This is definitely happening again… Very soon 😊

2. Little Guy turned 1 on Wednesday which I have already filled y’all in on but… What you might not know is not only did he get his haircut but his mom and dad also went to the salon/barber that day.  Gold stars to me for snapping this selfie on Wednesday night. ⭐️

3.  Presents, presents, presents… He has really racked up this week. When I started thinking about what to get him for his birthday I remembered the cutest little tractor that he loved playing with at his best buds house. I found it on Amazon (which πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š because free shipping and two day delivery πŸ™Œ) . 

Also Happy Father’s Day! It’s Justin’s 2nd Father’s Day (picture above from last year when little guy was less than a week old) and my daddy is coming in town tomorrow… Yippee πŸ™‚

(Little Guy meeting his Poppie for the first time.) 
Hope your weekend is full of some fun in the sun! 


Little Guy is 1!Β 

Wow, I knew that the time would come faster than I could imagine to write this post. The little guy turned 1 today. It was jammed packed with a giant doughnut for breakfast, first haircut, trip to Minnehaha Falls, Sea Salt for lunch, and a smash cake for an afternoon snack. 

He handled his haircut like a champ. No tears and no fussing πŸ™‚ 

He is patiently waiting for his fried fish to come. It helped that we gave him an appetizer of goldfish crackers. 😊

​The smash cake did not go as well as I’d expected. This kiddo is so much like his dad. He does not like getting his hands messy. We tried putting his hand on the cake, giving him pieces of cake to taste and even a fork to poke the cake with. We are having another cake on Saturday so we will try it again. He’s had cake before and liked picking it up so maybe today he just wasn’t feeling it. 

Our last picture with the blocks!  


Friday Favs- Lets make a list

Usually I write Friday Favs in sections (recipes, restaurants, little guy πŸ’šs). This post I want to try something different and do it in list form. I πŸ’š making lists.  I used to be obsessed with post it notes but now I feel that I can keep myself best organized by jotting it down on my phone either in Evernote or Google Calendar.  Anyways I’m gonna try this as a list today and see how I feel about it. 

1. I’m loving taking the little guy swimming. This past weekend we went swimming with our friends, Laura, Mike, and their daughter. Laura got a great picture of the two kiddos after a fun afternoon. 

2. 4 Bells has a fantastic brunch. We went last Sunday after a trip to the farmers market. Justin got biscuits and gravy and I got chicken and waffles. 

3. One of my favorite things about summer is all of the farmers markets. We went to the Minneapolis Farmers Market on Sunday and left with a ton of fresh basil. I made a ton of pesto.  We ended up grilling up some chicken and serving it with a small side of pasta and a big salad. Little guy πŸ’šs pesto! 

4. I have a new fav and its name is Sugarfina. It’s like a grown up candy shop. It seemed like I was reading a lot about this place and seeing it all over Instagram. I ordered a couple things and tried one thing today. I posted a picture on Instagram of their  gummy ice cream cones.  I ended up getting a taster packet of these.(The package had probably about 12 of them.)They come in three flavors: strawberry, raspberry, and vanilla. I really liked them. They were soft and a little chewy and not too sweet. I would definitely order these again. 

5. Little guy started to walk this week with assistance. I’m such a proud mama. I’m going to admit that for the last 5 months I have been worrying a ton over the fact that he chose to never crawl. I felt like he was an exception to the rule. Wherever we would go (mom groups, friend get togethers, etc) I would notice kids his age crawling around and I would freak out. He would sit on my lap and watch or stand holding on to a table, couch, etc. I’m a planner and I realized I could not schedule my child to crawl or walk… He had to do it on his own time when he was ready. I have learned that all that truly matters is being present in the moment and enjoying watching the little guy grow. 

Friday favs a la Summer time

It’s summer and I’m smilin! We spent two great days at the pool this past weekend. Little guy wore his swimsuit for the first time. It’s more of a swimtunic per se but it’s fantastic for all the sun exposure. I love how it zips in the back and has snaps at the bottom. I don’t have to yank it over his head which makes us both happy.  My favs this week are short and sweet… 

Recipes- I cooked 1 night this week which is kind of a fail for me but we had some dinners with family and anyways the one meal I did make was whipped up quickly thanks to my favorite grocery store buy: rotisserie chicken… I roasted some cauliflower and butternut squash and made some polenta croutons and we threw it all together in  a GIANT salad with a bit of crumbled feta. Yum! I’m planning on hitting the farmers market this weekend and getting inspired and back in the kitchen next week. Stay tuned…

Restaurant πŸ’š- We went to Spitz this past weekend and I loved it. Their concept is Mediterranean street food which is right up my alley because anything slathered  in Tzatzki or hummus is right up their on my favs list. We shared the street cart fries and wow… Delish!  

Little Guy update- A little less than 2 weeks and I will have a one year old… Ahh I just can’t believe it… I will stop bringing out the blocks and taking monthly pictures and I will start calling him one… I know I keep saying it but wow this year has gone fast. We have watched him grow and grow and develop into our sweet, chill, smiley guy. I’m one lucky mama… Now this week I couldn’t help myself and I bought him a xylophone… He loved it and we created our own three piece band one night after dinner. Little guy played the xylophone, dad had the bells, and mom on tambourine… We are available for weddings, bar and bat mitzvah…if anyone is interested… JK.. We had a blast and loved watching his face light up. 

Happy Summer!