Friday Favs are back! 

This week was full of success! After 3 hours in the backyard picking weeds I felt like our yard looked so much better. Also we made 3 dinners this week and I think the most exciting thing is little guy appears to be on the brink of some form of movement on his own. He is very adventurous and has become quite fond of throwing himself from sitting into our laps. 

The rotisserie chicken from the grocery store is our best friend. It makes it really easy to accomplish great dinners. I have made this salad a couple times and it couldn’t be easier. I  roasted some beets in the oven, pan fried some feta, and we used a bottle of balsamic dressing. 

I made this up on Wednesday night. I really wanted a burger but not the bun. It’s not pretty but it was really great. We used our grill pan and made some burgers, sautéed some onions and placed everything on lettuce. I would definitely make this again. 

Our dinner from last night I don’t have a picture of but it was another quick one to whip up. We fried some eggs, sautéed onions, and added some hash browns to it to make a breakfast bowl. 

Little Guy 💚s-  This past week we got the little guy some new shoes. I made the mistake of going on a Saturday morning which I will NEVER do again. It was so busy and I learned my lesson.  The shoes he got are so stinking cute and they Velcro.   

Another fun thing this week  was watching him try chocolate ice cream for the first time. He definitely liked it. 

One of our new favorite things that he go this week was a baseball cap. I was shocked he kept it on his head for so long. Also he let his silly mom play with it and take funny pictures of him. 

Hope your weekend is full of summer fun 




All About Survival- Friday Favs

I’m raising the white flag and saying hello to the weekend. This week was a good bit nutty but aok we made it through . Little guy had a nasty cold that looks like it is finally on the way out but with a trip to the pediatrician on Thursday we learned his rosey red cheeks are probably the cause of him welcoming in molars… Ahhh teething… I wish I had been more aware of how it can turn my sweet, relaxed guy into a little screaming monster… He has 8 teeth right now and it looks like 2 more are on the way.  Besides all of the craziness with him my phone decided to go cuckoo on Tuesday night… Thank goodness it was still under warranty and after a trip to the Apple Store I was able to walk away with a new phone. 

The amount of cooking accomplished this week- 0 

New Recipes to share- 0 

Little Guy turned 11 months on Monday and I am still in a state of shock that we will be celebrating his birthday next month. I feel like I say this constantly but time is flying/soaring by.

I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas for his birthday and have pinned some fun stuff and started to get a bit crafty but…I’m not going to give anything away so you will have to just wait and see 😊 

I’m planning out a grocery list for Sunday in preparation to have lots of great recipes to share with you next week. 
Wishing you a weekend full of flip flops and farmers markets. ( two things I will be embracing this weekend 😎) 


The Playroom 

A couple of weeks ago we turned our basement into a playroom for Ross (Leo is enjoying the new space too 🙂). Our house has accumulated quite a lot of toys in the last 11 months. It was time to stop trying to cram everything into his room.  I love how the only thing we went out and bought was a big basket from Target to hold a bunch of books. His favorite toys as of right now are: 

Gumball Machine

Oversized Marble Track

1-2-3 Walker 

My favorite spot is the chair next to window with all of the books. I’m hoping he loves reading as much as I do. 

One shot of the whole space. The other side of the room is the tv, sectional, and fireplace.  

Friday’s are my fav

I’m feeling a dash of love for salads lately. I used to dislike them but now I am all about jazzing them up. My mom did a great salad bar for Mother’s Day. She had so many different things to put on your salad and it kind of inspired me to get more creative with my salads. The toppings that I really liked were some steamed balsamic asparagus, pecans, watermelon radishes, avocado and probably more I am forgetting. She convinced me to bring the leftovers home and I thoroughly enjoyed them on Monday for lunch. 

I’m going to admit I failed miserably at dinners this week. It was a mish mosh of my favorite gluten free pancakes, take out, and a green chili egg bake that I got from my best bud, Alli.  

I did manage to craft a couple decent lunches though… Another lunch  I am loving is vanilla yogurt, with fresh strawberries, and granola. 

The little guy this week has been very busy (as seen from the above picture). I keep his toys in a gazillion different bins and this week he has thoroughly enjoyed dumping everything out. He giggles and kicks his feet after he dumps out his toys. I’ll do another post next week of his playroom that we finally set up. 

Hope  your weekend is full of sunshine and sprinkles. (I’m really hoping to get back to baking. 🙂🍪) 


Friday Favs- sunshine and stroller walks

I have no complaints when it comes to the weather this week. The mix of upper 60’s, mid 70’s and a day of high 80’s is pretty much all over the place but I love warm weather so I can definitely roll with it.  Also being able to break out my flip flops makes me quite happy 🙂. 

I tried to stay on the cooking train and make a meal plan for a cooking filled week but my plans had to change because I forgot that Justin was going to be out of town for work 2 days this week. We did manage to cook on Monday which was great. We seared steaks in the skillet and finished them in the oven. I made an herb butter to put on the steaks that was delish.(unsalted butter, fresh minced garlic, dried rosemary, and black pepper)  We had rice and roasted beets with the steak. 

The little guy and I got outside and did many stroller walks this week. I managed to get 2 walks around the lake with friends this week which was fantastic. 

This week the little fella is loving so many different things. He is really getting interested in music and loves to play with his instruments and anything else he can make noise with. I got him a set of plastic measuring cups and spoons a couple months ago and he has really just started to get interested in playing with them. I got him a pair of sunglasses this week and while I love them and think he looks pretty cool… He doesn’t seem to be a huge fan. I’m crossing my fingers that he changes his mind. 

Hope your weekend is full of flipflops and frozen drinks. (Secretly that’s what I am wishing for😉)