New Years 2017

Here is how we celebrated New Years through pictures:

I made this list at the beginning of December and we ended up checking almost  everything off the list…. we could not make a snowman ⛄️ because the snow has been too powdery but hopefully we can do it in January. 

(We watched Happy New Year Charlie Brown with R before he went to bed on New Years Eve.) 

Also we started a new New Years tradition… each year the three of us will  have matching shirts, pajama pants or fun socks. This year we went with matching shirts. 

Homemade pizza for dinner 

(Homemade peppermint ice cream cake-picture is not pretty but I wanted to show the layers- Oreo crust, peppermint ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top) 

Getting comfy in his crib- night night R

Happy New Year! Hoping 2017 is a great year for all of you. 



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