Friday Favs- back on track 

It’s January and lots of people are on New Year resolution kicks… I am not doing that however, I am trying to get back to eating more salads and veggies. Does anyone else find that hard especially in the winter? Lately when I go to the grocery nothing looks super appealing to me… whereas in the summer when we go to farmers markets I feel I enjoy veggies more and look forward to incorporating them in meals. 

I picked up a great salad from Potbelly one day this week for lunch. 

Also while on the salad kick… this dressing is amazing. We had it on Caesar salad at my in laws and I loved it… we bought it and made a quick Caesar salad with grilled chicken for dinner one night this week. 

On another note…

This is how I spent last weekend… 

R had a bad cold so we stayed at home and watched tons of Sesame Street, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and of course Despicable Me (my favorite).  I know I rave about this chair a bunch but omg it’s probably one of R’s top 5 favs for the last month and I ❤️ it too! He spent a lot of time in it last weekend. 

That’s about all I am going to share with you from this past week…It was somewhat of a crazy week trying to get R back in his groove… I’m very excited to meet up with friends this coming weekend and to spend some time with my little family too. Also I am going to meal plan like crazy this weekend in hopes of some veggie filled meals for next week. 

Happy Friday Friends! 



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