The First Friday Favs of 2017

This trampoline is the best! R gets so much energy out and it is easy for him to get on and off on his own. It’s a lifesaver this week with all the cold weather we have been having. 

Smoothies! I have said it before… it’s the easiest way to get breakfast when you are chasing after a toddler. I got the idea from Weelicious and have been loving it. Usually I do a combination of frozen fruit, fresh spinach, bananas, hemp seeds, chia seeds, yogurt, protein powder and low fat milk. 

We had lunch at Pajarito on Tuesday when Justin was off of work. Justin and I loved their homemade guacamole and I was pretty impressed with the chilaquiles too. It’s far from a leisurely lunch with R now at 18 months. They made him a quesadilla which was perfect and helped buy us about 30 minutes to eat and get out of the restaurant before he started screaming.  

This chair rocks! Our dear friends, Rachel and Spencer gave this to R when he was born. He ❤s it and has lately been spending  lots of time playing in it or requesting Elmo or Mickey to be put on the tv. 

Anyone else deal with from 5:30 pm -6:30 pm a crazy time with their kids daily? Our new thing is we pull out some bin of toys(musical instruments, play food, legos, mega blocks, etc) and sing a long to the straight no chaser channel on pandora… somehow it helps until Justin gets home from work. 😊

When all else fails just stand on your head… right? 

Happy Friday and stay warm! 



New Years 2017

Here is how we celebrated New Years through pictures:

I made this list at the beginning of December and we ended up checking almost  everything off the list…. we could not make a snowman ⛄️ because the snow has been too powdery but hopefully we can do it in January. 

(We watched Happy New Year Charlie Brown with R before he went to bed on New Years Eve.) 

Also we started a new New Years tradition… each year the three of us will  have matching shirts, pajama pants or fun socks. This year we went with matching shirts. 

Homemade pizza for dinner 

(Homemade peppermint ice cream cake-picture is not pretty but I wanted to show the layers- Oreo crust, peppermint ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce and whipped cream on top) 

Getting comfy in his crib- night night R

Happy New Year! Hoping 2017 is a great year for all of you. 


Friday Favs- bye bye December 

Last Friday Favs post of 2016… I truly feel that this past year has flown by. Here are some of our favs from this week: 

1. Play dates with friends- R and I went over to his buddies house on Thursday. This was our first time going over to a friends house to play.   It was so nice to see him interact with a kid around his age. Also I got to get some ideas of fun toys we don’t have at our house. 

2.  My mom brought this Elmo over to R on Thursday and he ❤s it.  Leo does too! I haven’t programmed it yet but it seems pretty cool. 

3. Steps- My little guy can climb down the stairs. It scares me so much when he is doing it but at the same time omg so proud of him. We snapped these two pictures when he got to the bottom of the stairs one day this week. 

4. Me time- I am getting my hair colored today and yippee for saying goodbye to the grey. Also I can’t wait to relax and play on my phone while R is hanging with his Noni. It’s the little things that make me smile 😊

Thank you so much for reading my little blog this year. I am looking forward to sharing lots more with you next year. 

Happy New Year Everyone! 


18 months and as crazy as ever

This week R does not have school… We have been enjoying the break… staying in pjs for a while longer in the morning and exploring all around the house… getting into more things and what not… Here are some snaps from today and some stuff that R has started to enjoy. 

Look at this cool tower I built with R’s new blocks we got him for Hanukkah… about 5 second later he demolished it. 😊

He appears all sweet and innocent here… Then he does this: 

Apparently our coffee table is a wonderful piece of climbing equipment.

Magnatiles- my dad got them for R a while back and he has started getting more interested in playing with them. I made a pattern and he started pulling them apart. An added bonus- they are super easy to clean up. 

I don’t know what his fascination with my phone… it seems whenever I put it down in his reach he lunges for it. He likes our ting it up to his ear and saying hello, bye, and daddy. 

I imagine in a month he will be interested in new toys and will be exploring everything around him differently so I will try to do another update. 

Friday Favs- yummy and practical 

I can’t even begin to tell you all the random things that are floating in my head right now… just look at the title of this post… anyways here are some of my favs from this week.

1. I made this cider on Sunday after R had his first experience playing in the  snow ❄️. It was so easy to put together and really yummy. I will definitely be making it a bunch more this winter. 

2. I met my friend, Amy at Pig Ate My Pizza for dinner one night this week. It was so nice to catch up and split some amazing pies too! 

This one was called the Minnesotan. 

This one is called Piggie Pie. 

3. This past week we bought cheap doorstops at Target… I had high hopes we could use them in our bedroom and R’s to prevent him from closing doors behind himself and then continuing his favorite game of mom and dad can’t find me and I am going to scream with glee and bang on the door… needless to say R won… it didn’t matter how hard I wedged those stinkers under the door he managed to pull them out every time… I tried just closing the doors but it made the bedrooms get really warm. I found a solution… these rock!  The picture below shows how disappointed R was that he couldn’t close the door behind him. 

Now does anyone have a suggestion for this: 

Eek… little daredevil!!!! 

4. R turned 1 1/2  yesterday and time is truly flying by…. Justin and I couldn’t get over how much he has changed even in 6 months. He got his own cupcake and we sang to him… he didn’t dive into it like we expected but enjoyed a little bit and then signed all done. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Bundle up and stay warm ❄️️☃️


Friday Favs-toddler approved 

This is what has been loved by R this week. I envision next week having more recipes to share but this week it’s a jumble. 

1.  Justin was out of town this past weekend. R and I had Tilapia for dinner one night which was such a treat because Justin does not enjoy fish. I ended up omitting the parsley and I did not add the sauce to R’s. The presentation isn’t amazing but someone did not have patience to wait for beautiful plating😉
2. R wants to suggest this remote if you are still looking for gift ideas for your kiddos. He says it can also be used as a phone. 😂
3. This lamp From uncommon goods I would love to get for R. I think we might have to take his current lamp out of his room because he keeps unplugging it. I like that this one doesn’t have a cord. I know it’s not too bright but it’s really cute. 

4. R is a simple guy with not many shoes. He just got these converse from his Noni and he is looking very cool. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Friday Favs- Smart Shopping 

I was thinking about what I wanted to share this week… As far as cooking goes… I failed this week… like if I was going to get a grade it would be an F. We ate from the freezer one night, left overs a couple nights, and our trusty friend take out a couple too…. The weather is turning cooler and the holidays are coming… R is about to turn  1 1/2 so he really still has no concept of gifts 🎁…. Here are a jumble of websites that I am loving right now which I wanted to share. 

1. I really can’t remember who introduced me to 6pm …. I love this site… I have bought myself shoes from here and I have gotten Ross some stuff from here too. 

2.  I 💙Amazon sooo much… whoever came up with prime is a genius! I heard that R was loving the shape sorter at school and for some reason we don’t have one so I grabbed this and have it tucked away for Hanukkah. 

3.  My mom got R this rocking horse 🐴 on Black Friday. He loves it as seen in the picture above. It looks a lot like the one from Pottery Barn Kids and is a lot cheaper. 

4.  I just got a pair of snow boots from REI Garage…. I must be living under a rock because I hadn’t heard of this before and it rocks. 

5. One more thing- I really enjoyed Simply Learnings recent posts on  kids subscription boxes and minimalist holiday gifts for kids. She has some great ideas for gifts for your kiddos. I would love to get R a radio flyer wagon and this water table looks like it could be a blast in the summer.

Hope you have a great weekend!