Friday Favs- lots of love ❤

This week was a very Valentine’s filled week (as seen in the collage above). Justin made heart shaped pancakes with this recipe (our only change to it is he adds a teaspoon of vanilla extract.) We froze a bunch of them which is great for easy breakfast for R. My mom watched R for us on Tuesday which was wonderful because Justin and I went out for lunch at our fav, Matt’s Bar. It’s hard to bring R there because it does take some time to get the food so this was a treat. We munched on heart shaped cookie cake and heart shaped pizza throughout the week… really I can’t think of anything better. I think the highlight though for R was the red Mylar balloon we got him. He ❤s it so much. He keeps calling it bamoon (l’s are hard.)  He drags it all over the house.  I’m looking forward to seeing some friends the next few days and possibly taking R to the zoo next week. 

Lots of ❤



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