Friday Favs- hodgepodge

I started working on this post earlier this week but even as I finish it today (Thursday) my brain is mush and I can’t fathom a title… this post does not focus on a central aspect so it’s a hodgepodge… 

I managed to photograph one dinner this week. We made Barefoot Contessa’s tomato soup with grilled cheese croutons.  This does not photograph well but omg it’s sooo good. This was my first time using saffron. I got it last weekend at Penzeys.  I felt like this recipe made a lot so I would suggest being smarter than we were and freezing some or invite some family/friends over to enjoy it with you. 
Mucci’s Italian has been making doughnuts on Saturdays and Sundays since February of last year… I can’t believe it took me this long to venture over to St Paul to grab some doughnuts for us. I can promise you these are worth the drive and very delicious. 

My favorite was the chocolate glazed. R really enjoyed the vanilla glazed with sprinkles.  I noticed when I went to pick these up that you can choose to buy your doughnuts at the counter and eat them there. We will definitely be going back  soon. 🍩❤️

R is growing up and this week we put his highchair downstairs. He has been trying to pull a chair out at the table and we decided to embrace it and start having him sit at the table in a booster chair. See that broccoli… He wouldn’t eat it… but doesn’t it look pretty in the picture… Next imagine it flung all over the table… 😂 Toddlers… I need a handbook of how to deal… no one tells you how meal times change when you give a toddler a fork… At least Leo is enjoying this change. Thank goodness for the Ezpz mat… it sticks to the table so he can’t lift it up and fling all his food. 

While we are on the topic of R I must share 2 things that are making bath time fun… Elmo bath book and Very Hungry Caterpillar bath book. I found both on Amazon. When R gets a bath these 2 books are requested multiple times. His favorite words lately are Elmo and apple. 

Hope your weekend is full of lots of fun! 



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