Friday Favs- some old and some new 

I felt like a broken record the last few weeks. I kept saying I am going to menu plan and cook a couple nights but for some reason it took some time to get back in the groove. I menu planned this past weekend and typed up a grocery list too. It helped to grocery shop on Saturday because I found it less crazy then when I usually go on Sunday. 

I posted  this picture on Instagram a few days ago of a cupcake that I made. I got the recipe from a good friend that I grew up with. These cupcakes are  something that her mom is well known for and bring back many childhood memories. 

I didn’t only make cupcakes this week… I roasted two very different chickens on Tuesday night. This one I made and nixed the brine and the thyme because I didn’t have it. It was so great and we ended up making BBQ baked potatoes with it. Here is a picture of my leftover lunch one day… delish 🙂

We made our trusted herb roasted chicken too.  I think I might be tired of chicken now…. send steak and fish 😊 

R is even more on the move then we could imagine. He is climbing on everything and sitting on everything too… poor Leo (see below) 

It’s been a really cold week and we might be getting a little stir crazy…. 

Hope you have a fantastic weekend and stay warm! 



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