The First Friday Favs of 2017

This trampoline is the best! R gets so much energy out and it is easy for him to get on and off on his own. It’s a lifesaver this week with all the cold weather we have been having. 

Smoothies! I have said it before… it’s the easiest way to get breakfast when you are chasing after a toddler. I got the idea from Weelicious and have been loving it. Usually I do a combination of frozen fruit, fresh spinach, bananas, hemp seeds, chia seeds, yogurt, protein powder and low fat milk. 

We had lunch at Pajarito on Tuesday when Justin was off of work. Justin and I loved their homemade guacamole and I was pretty impressed with the chilaquiles too. It’s far from a leisurely lunch with R now at 18 months. They made him a quesadilla which was perfect and helped buy us about 30 minutes to eat and get out of the restaurant before he started screaming.  

This chair rocks! Our dear friends, Rachel and Spencer gave this to R when he was born. He ❤s it and has lately been spending  lots of time playing in it or requesting Elmo or Mickey to be put on the tv. 

Anyone else deal with from 5:30 pm -6:30 pm a crazy time with their kids daily? Our new thing is we pull out some bin of toys(musical instruments, play food, legos, mega blocks, etc) and sing a long to the straight no chaser channel on pandora… somehow it helps until Justin gets home from work. 😊

When all else fails just stand on your head… right? 

Happy Friday and stay warm! 



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