Friday Favs- bye bye December 

Last Friday Favs post of 2016… I truly feel that this past year has flown by. Here are some of our favs from this week: 

1. Play dates with friends- R and I went over to his buddies house on Thursday. This was our first time going over to a friends house to play.   It was so nice to see him interact with a kid around his age. Also I got to get some ideas of fun toys we don’t have at our house. 

2.  My mom brought this Elmo over to R on Thursday and he ❤s it.  Leo does too! I haven’t programmed it yet but it seems pretty cool. 

3. Steps- My little guy can climb down the stairs. It scares me so much when he is doing it but at the same time omg so proud of him. We snapped these two pictures when he got to the bottom of the stairs one day this week. 

4. Me time- I am getting my hair colored today and yippee for saying goodbye to the grey. Also I can’t wait to relax and play on my phone while R is hanging with his Noni. It’s the little things that make me smile 😊

Thank you so much for reading my little blog this year. I am looking forward to sharing lots more with you next year. 

Happy New Year Everyone! 



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