18 months and as crazy as ever

This week R does not have school… We have been enjoying the break… staying in pjs for a while longer in the morning and exploring all around the house… getting into more things and what not… Here are some snaps from today and some stuff that R has started to enjoy. 

Look at this cool tower I built with R’s new blocks we got him for Hanukkah… about 5 second later he demolished it. 😊

He appears all sweet and innocent here… Then he does this: 

Apparently our coffee table is a wonderful piece of climbing equipment.

Magnatiles- my dad got them for R a while back and he has started getting more interested in playing with them. I made a pattern and he started pulling them apart. An added bonus- they are super easy to clean up. 

I don’t know what his fascination with my phone… it seems whenever I put it down in his reach he lunges for it. He likes our ting it up to his ear and saying hello, bye, and daddy. 

I imagine in a month he will be interested in new toys and will be exploring everything around him differently so I will try to do another update. 


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