Friday Favs- yummy and practical 

I can’t even begin to tell you all the random things that are floating in my head right now… just look at the title of this post… anyways here are some of my favs from this week.

1. I made this cider on Sunday after R had his first experience playing in the  snow ❄️. It was so easy to put together and really yummy. I will definitely be making it a bunch more this winter. 

2. I met my friend, Amy at Pig Ate My Pizza for dinner one night this week. It was so nice to catch up and split some amazing pies too! 

This one was called the Minnesotan. 

This one is called Piggie Pie. 

3. This past week we bought cheap doorstops at Target… I had high hopes we could use them in our bedroom and R’s to prevent him from closing doors behind himself and then continuing his favorite game of mom and dad can’t find me and I am going to scream with glee and bang on the door… needless to say R won… it didn’t matter how hard I wedged those stinkers under the door he managed to pull them out every time… I tried just closing the doors but it made the bedrooms get really warm. I found a solution… these rock!  The picture below shows how disappointed R was that he couldn’t close the door behind him. 

Now does anyone have a suggestion for this: 

Eek… little daredevil!!!! 

4. R turned 1 1/2  yesterday and time is truly flying by…. Justin and I couldn’t get over how much he has changed even in 6 months. He got his own cupcake and we sang to him… he didn’t dive into it like we expected but enjoyed a little bit and then signed all done. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Bundle up and stay warm ❄️️☃️



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