Friday Favs-toddler approved 

This is what has been loved by R this week. I envision next week having more recipes to share but this week it’s a jumble. 

1.  Justin was out of town this past weekend. R and I had Tilapia for dinner one night which was such a treat because Justin does not enjoy fish. I ended up omitting the parsley and I did not add the sauce to R’s. The presentation isn’t amazing but someone did not have patience to wait for beautiful plating😉
2. R wants to suggest this remote if you are still looking for gift ideas for your kiddos. He says it can also be used as a phone. 😂
3. This lamp From uncommon goods I would love to get for R. I think we might have to take his current lamp out of his room because he keeps unplugging it. I like that this one doesn’t have a cord. I know it’s not too bright but it’s really cute. 

4. R is a simple guy with not many shoes. He just got these converse from his Noni and he is looking very cool. 

Have a wonderful weekend! 



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