Friday Favs- Smart Shopping 

I was thinking about what I wanted to share this week… As far as cooking goes… I failed this week… like if I was going to get a grade it would be an F. We ate from the freezer one night, left overs a couple nights, and our trusty friend take out a couple too…. The weather is turning cooler and the holidays are coming… R is about to turn  1 1/2 so he really still has no concept of gifts 🎁…. Here are a jumble of websites that I am loving right now which I wanted to share. 

1. I really can’t remember who introduced me to 6pm …. I love this site… I have bought myself shoes from here and I have gotten Ross some stuff from here too. 

2.  I 💙Amazon sooo much… whoever came up with prime is a genius! I heard that R was loving the shape sorter at school and for some reason we don’t have one so I grabbed this and have it tucked away for Hanukkah. 

3.  My mom got R this rocking horse 🐴 on Black Friday. He loves it as seen in the picture above. It looks a lot like the one from Pottery Barn Kids and is a lot cheaper. 

4.  I just got a pair of snow boots from REI Garage…. I must be living under a rock because I hadn’t heard of this before and it rocks. 

5. One more thing- I really enjoyed Simply Learnings recent posts on  kids subscription boxes and minimalist holiday gifts for kids. She has some great ideas for gifts for your kiddos. I would love to get R a radio flyer wagon and this water table looks like it could be a blast in the summer.

Hope you have a great weekend! 



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