I have been wanting to blog this for a long time and for some reason I have not accomplished it till now… I am embarrassed to admit how many books I have read for myself in the last 16 months (since having R). I used to be an avid reader and am hoping one day to get back it. I love books, love bookstores, and love buying books on Amazon too.  Currently I read children’s books and probably 5-6 a day to R. Justin and I do story time with him each night before bed and will read 1-2 books depending on R’s mood. Here are some of our favorites. 

1. All the varieties of Little Blue Truck. Someone shared how much their kid loved this book when I was pregnant so I bought it before R was born. We probably read one of these books at least once a day. 

2. Books by Andrea Beaty- I heard Iggy Peck Architect while I was teaching preschool. A parent brought it in to read to the class.  I loved the pictures and story line. I am not sure when we purchased this for R but it is definitely read once a week. We recently got Rosie Revere Engineer which I really enjoy. She just released a new book in September called Ada Twist, Scientist  which I have been meaning to get. The books are a little long so we just have to take into account if R is in the mood to listen for a bit or not. 

3. Peek a Who? by Nina Laden is another fav. I really like that it’s a board book because it’s easy for R to hold on his own. When he was 6 months old (left picture) he would eat the book… Now ( right picture) he can turn the pages himself. We don’t have any of her other books but I’m curious if they are as good as this one. 

4.  I posted a couple weeks ago how R loves the book Go, Dog. Go! Well… it is still  a fav. Justin or I read it once a day and R likes to have us reread it 2-3 times depending on how he’s feeling. It’s really fun to watch him enjoy something and want us to keep repeating it 😊. 

5. Last one… not really a picture book  but lets go with it…Since R was born I have been printing pictures and sticking them in these photo albums. I had good intentions of making lots of great photo books online… but in the end I really enjoy sliding the pictures in the sleeves and using various colors of le pens to write in stuff that goes with each photo.  In the last week R has been crawling/scooting over to his book shelf and pointing to his picture on the album sleeve and babbling. Justin or I ends up pulling out the album and letting him flip through pages. We read the comments we wrote next to the picture to him and he just smiles. 

What are your favorite children’s books? 

What are you currently reading? 


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