Friday Favs- Go! Go! Go!

When I started reflecting  on this past week I thought about a book that R has been loving lately….Go, Dog. Go!  Justin and I hosted the breaking of the Yom Kippur fast on Wednesday night and in preparation (cleaning our house and moving furniture to make room for 30 people) I felt like I was living this book and going at rapid speed for days leading up to Wednesday night… I think what shocked me the most was when it was all over it took us only 45 minutes to clean up and put our house back together… There is something definitely to be said about team work… but anyways the favs this week may appear to be in mish mosh form but I predict that next week it will be filled with lots more homemade meals and what nots 😊
1. After spending two hours at urgent care on Sunday morning I found out I was not having an allergic reaction but instead had my first stye…. I was of course very confused because even after the visit I googled it and noticed that it is most commonly visible… mine was not and was under my eyelid… luckily the doctor saw it and was able to tell me how to take care of it. 

2. Fall Spirit- I’m making it my official lingo.. this week I embraced the pumpkins and so did R. We bought pumpkin bread mix and pumpkin butter at Trader Joe’s. Also we bought mini pumpkins to add some fall ❤️ to our kitchen table. I even convinced R to sit with some pumpkins at Byerlys for a quick photo op. 

One of my goals for next week is to make some fall soups (butternut squash, delicata squash, pumpkin,etc.) 

3. I can’t tell you the last time I bought flowers. I used to buy them more frequently before little guy was around… however now instead of spending time arranging flowers I make towers out of blocks/stacking cups… anyways I am babbling and want to show you pictures of these gorgeous flowers that Justin’s grandmother sent us for our table for the breaking of the fast on Wednesday night. It was a wonderful treat. 

4. I took a couple pictures before heading to synagogue on Wednesday. It’s safe to say that R sure looks like Justin’s mini me… 

Hope your weekend is full of pizazz and pumpkins 🎃 



One thought on “Friday Favs- Go! Go! Go!

  1. Erica worked incredibly hard to get everything ready, and as usual hosted an amazing dinner for break fast! I don’t know how she did it, and of course everything turned out great!


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