Friday Favs- Glass 1/2 full

After being honest with all of you and myself last week I felt this week was much more successful. We cooked three nights this week which worked great. The other nights we had family dinner and a meeting at R’s school. Also we managed to fit in some exercise and our flu shots… I’ll call that a win win in my book. Here are our favs: 

Meals- I did not set the bar too high this week. I made two meals solo and 1 with Justin’s help.  I prepped Barefoot Contessa’s Sour Cream Pancakes on Monday afternoon (without bananas)  and when Justin got home I played With R and he cooked them for us. Tuesday when Justin was home we made Bobby Flay’s popovers (without pepper, eggs, or bacon) and served them with Grin and Cook It Quick Matzo Ball Soup. I’m glad I saved those two dishes for Tuesday because they were a bit time consuming and we both took turns entertaining R. Thursday morning I prepped veggie chili and put it in the crock pot to cook on low until Justin got home. I was able to get this one done but R was not happy in baby jail (pack n play) while I was getting it done. Any suggestions? I’ve tried all sorts of toys, music, and even Sesame Street to occupy his attention but he wants to be in my arms and playing with me. The soup was ok and I will share it but I want to tweak it a bit more so… stay tuned.

Veggie Chili
R’s favorite things this week can either be bought or found in your home. He loves all sorts of utensils. I got him this pretend pancake set. He crawls around the house clutching the spatula that came with it or he tries to chew on it. 

Also he likes to share the pan with Leo. 

Another item he enjoys is toilet paper. I tried to put some makeup on this week and had a feeling he was being too quiet… I caught him in the act. 

I learned my lesson… 

Happy Weekend! 



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