Friday Favs- rolling along

As I was walking around the lake  with my pal, Galina on Thursday morning I realized I needed to put together a blog post. I told her I’m really not sure what I want to share this week. She smiled at me and said I’m sure you’ll think of something… I have a couple new photos of the little guy… but no new recipes… I have decided to share with you some things that keep me going as a SAHM (stay at home mama)….people throw that acronym out a ton… I had no idea what it meant for the longest time so  I googled it…here we go:

1. music music music- it not only keeps me happy but it keeps the little guy happy… We listen to his Music Together songs a lot but I can’t listen to kiddo music all the time so we mix it up with pandora and music from iTunes… my music taste I would say is eclectic (love that word) and my playlists jump from motown to country to current pop to alternative and a variety of others… two of my new favorite songs are 11 blocks by Wrabel and Wake Me Up by Tebey. 
2. mom breaks- Justin encourages me to do things for myself whether be walks alone/ with friends around the lakes, meeting up with  friends for brunch/lunch/dinner and etc… I went for a couple walks around the lake this week- 1 solo and 2 with the little guy… I forgot to take any photos but I did snap this one on Thursday which made me smile- little guy crawled over to me and randomly scratched my back… it’s kind of a mom break, right?  😊

3. At one point I thought I might do a post on how my beauty regiment has changed since I had a kid… I might still tackle it at a later date but for now these are what I rely on now to survive daily : ghd flat iron– my hair is not straight or curly… it’s wavy and it has a mind of its own… I have had my flat iron for probably 4-5 years I can’t remember but I 💚💚💚 it… it’s purple which is random because if you know me you know my favorite color is green but anyways it’s the best… I try not to use it daily but when needed it can help tame my  tresses… one day this week little guy was in no mood to chill so I managed to blow dry my hair part way  and was able to flat iron the front part of my hair and throw it in a ponytail…  survival…  

4. Two more beauty fav- When I can put on a bit of makeup during the week when I am home with the little guy it consists of mascara and eyeshadow. My favs are Urban Decay perversion mascara  (it’s easy to grab at ulta) and  Bobbi Brown long wear cream shadow (Lasts a long time and just swipe on with make up brush… occasionally I will brush a powder eye shadow on top)

Happy Weekend! 



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