Friday favs- fun with friends and the fair 

Mom brain has been in full effect this week… I’m so glad that I love taking pictures because without them I would probably be drawing so many blanks on what has happened… Thank goodness also for Evernote and my google calendar… It’s the only way I stay somewhat organized… 

1. The state fair was completely different this year as compared to last… Little guy slept through everything last year… This year he slept through the corn dogs but was awake for the miracle of birth barn, a stop at the Home Depot tent, and sharing some ice cream with his mom. The kiddos lasted a lot longer than we thought they would and we had a great time with our friends. 

2. On Tuesday I got to meet up for dinner with a couple of friends who I used to work with… We had so much fun catching up on what’s happening in each of our lives.

Can you guess which glass is mine? I’m pretty predictable and when I can enjoy a  drink and be hands free (no kid) I always pick prosecco. 

3. My favorite dinner this week was really easy to execute.  If they take too long it’s not happening… Little guy can only sit in baby jail (pack n play) for so long with his toys…We did a crepes bar and it was sooo good… Lots of toppings which equals many different and delicious crepes. 

Savory toppings- two types of cheese, salsa, scallions, sautéed mushrooms and onions, and scrambled eggs 

Sweet toppings- cinnamon sugar, nutella, powdered sugar, bananas, blackberries, and strawberries (not pictured) 

Hope your weekend is wonderful! 



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