Friday Favs- Summer lovin

Bye bye August…. I can’t get over how fast this summer has gone by… I had high hopes for spending more time at the lakes and farmers markets this summer but embraced the reality of how it’s not always the easiest to get there with the little guy… Our favs this week are a jumble but I am very proud of us for cooking 3 nights this week and we managed to get outside and move some too! 

1. I got a great walk in on Thursday around Lake Calhoun. My mother in law had the little guy and I embraced some me time. I wore this bag and used my wireless headphones and enjoyed a hands free walk around the lake (no stroller 😎) 

2. Sushi Sushi Sushi 🍣…. One of my top favs! I had one of the greatest lunches at Wakame Bistro with my best pal, Galina. We were both kid free but still managed to talk about our kiddos a lot. 😊

3. Little guys lunch box came in the mail this week. He doesn’t start school till the beginning of October. If you truly know me you know I am a crazy planner and wanted to start getting all his stuff. I have heard great things from Instagram and Facebook about the PlanetBox. I got him the Rover and am hoping this will be able to withstand a couple years. I’m already trying to brainstorm lunch ideas that are kosher  dairy, nut free and egg free…. I would love any suggestions. 

4. If little guy could talk he would tell you his favorite thing this week is his stacking cups. We got the idea from our pal, Erin. They are not super expensive and he loves banging them together or knocking down towers that I make for him. 

5. Last weekend I met a bunch of friends for brunch at Burch.  It was so nice to catch up and enjoy some yummy food too. I must say this was the best biscuit I have had in the twin cities. 

Hope you all have a great long weekend! 



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