Friday Favs- on the go

August has been a whirlwind….This week I thought it might slow down but I completely forgot that we had an event for little guys school (he’ll be starting in October 🙂). Also we are going to Justin’s family’s cabin today…needless to say cooking was a hodgepodge this week that consisted of rotisserie chicken and our love for Trader Joe’s frozen rice and my favorite black beans… Honestly I don’t know when I will get sick of that… It’s sooo easy and I really enjoy it every time we make it… 

Here are some great photos from our week. 

Little guy is moving a ton more… He loves to cruise around with his alligator walker or he scoots on his tush… He is quite motivated lately… When no one is watching he tries to  scoot over to Leo’s water bowl. 

Next week I have plans to cook, go for more walks, and try and organize little guys closet. I will definitely have a ton more to share next week. 

Hope your weekend is filled with s’mores 🍫, cozy sweatshirts , and cabin time. 



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