Friday Favs- Seattle Edition 

Last weekend we travelled to San Juan Island which is outside of Seattle. My little brother got married and we extended our trip a bit so we could spend time with our family that lives there. The trip to the island was quite an experience for Justin, little guy, and me. We made it there thanks to lots of help from Justin’s parents who came with us. On Friday morning we woke up at 4 am and had a direct flight to Seattle. Next we rented a car and drove an hour and a half to the ferry. Then we took an hour ferry. After that we had a 20 minute car ride to the hotel. It was a long day but totally worth it. It was a great weekend and I could not be happier to have Anna as a part of our family.  

Here are some snaps from the wedding: 

Little guy had to watch the wedding from outside the gate. He was feeling pretty chatty and making all his minion noises. 😊

We got back to Seattle on Sunday afternoon. We went to the Chihuly Garden and Glass Gallery. This place has got to be part of my top 5 favorite things to do in Seattle. This was my second time to be here and little guys first trip. I think he might of enjoyed it just as much as me. 

We got back to Minnesota on Wednesday night. My cousin, Paige flew back with us and is visiting till Monday.  I was able to convince her to go to little guys music class on Thursday morning. Afterwards we went to a true Minnesota establishment, Matt’s Bar for lunch. People know it as the home of the jucy  Lucy (that is not a typo they really do spell juicy as jucy on the menu). Paige enjoyed her first jucy Lucy  and little guy had a grilled cheese because I thought it’s probably not wise to get a 1 year old a burger filled with molten cheese. He’ll have to wait till he is a little older. 

Hope your weekend is full  of trips to farmers markets,  dips in the pool, and walks around the lake. I’m planning on all 3. 




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