Friday Favs- celebrations

It’s safe to say right now that I am embracing some organized chaos right now. We are in planning mode and leaving today to celebrate Anna and Josh getting married. We have lists upon lists and bags in bags and we are trying to be prepared for whatever might be thrown our way (  blow outs on airplanes…. Been there done that, hangry child… No worries we got quite a lot of snack bags)

Friday Favs this week are about   little guy and Justin giving me quite a great birthday on Monday. Also my mom took me to Saint Dinette for brunch last weekend and omg delish doesn’t even begin to describe the pictures I am posting. I’m going to give you a much better in depth Friday Favs next week when we are back in town but for now I leave you with some pictures from this past week. 

First bite of cookie cake and definitely not his last… My husband rocks and drove some distance to get me cookie cake for my birthday. 

The smile says it all… He loves sugar as much if not more than his mama. 

2 pictures above are from brunch at Saint Dinette…  Oh chilaquiles… I will ever back for that and the collards 💚
Hope your weekend rocks! ( I can’t believe my little brother is  getting married.😅.. Can’t wait to watch the little guy dance with him at the reception 😊) 



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