Bye Bye July! 

Wow, maybe it’s just me but it appears that summer is flying by… I imagine I will probably say the same thing about August because I already know we have a good amount of great stuff happening 😊 (My baby brother is getting married! My cousin is coming to visit us. We are going for a family cabin trip and a couple of other fun things.)  As we say sayonara to July let’s check out some favs for the week… 

1. Thank you Chrissy Teigen for helping me get two nights of cooking accomplished this week.  

Her Roasted Cauliflower, Feta, and Orzo salad (picture above) which is shared on ABC’s website. AMAZING.. The only change I made was to use dried cranberries instead of cherries… Justin went back for seconds and brought the leftovers for lunch the next day. 

Her Dutch Baby recipe is fantastic too which we had for dinner on Thursday night. I’m really enjoying her cookbook and I can’t wait to try some of her recipes. 

2.  It’s kind of old news but for some reason I keep forgetting  to share… My best pal, Alli  and I are going to see my favorite Food Network star… As the picture above shows… I might have all of Ina Garten’s cookbooks. It might not be till November but I am sooooo excited… I just may start a countdown soon 😉 

3. I’m not sure who is enjoying the discovery bins I am creating more Little guy or me… I love watching to see how he explores each bin and what items he finds the most interesting. 

Another thing I love capturing is moments like this one below. 

And one more because…I’m a really proud mama that he is starting to feed himself more.

Also this high chair mat we are all loving because little guy is having way too much fun flinging food lately.  Thank goodness for Leo, our little vacuum. 😊

Hope your weekend is full of fun! ( I’m looking forward to some fun with friends and manicures/pedicures with my mom 🙂)  



One thought on “Bye Bye July! 

  1. GIRL. I have been meaning to make the Cauliflower Salad but then I kept feeling like it would be too much work. I have put it on the meal plan for this week on Tuesday night when Marcus is at his frisbee league. Excited to try it.

    Fave that we made tonight: Her coconut rice (modifications: skip the sugar, use 1/3 cup untoasted sweetened coconut, throw everything into the rice steamer all at once) with the TJ’s Bool-Gogi marniated boneless beef ribs and green beans tossed in sesame oil and salt/pepper/red pepper flakes. Tasty and easy. Also bought some of their Mole Marinated Chicken Thighs to try next week!


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