Friday Favs- staying cool 

It’s hot in Minnesota… Like really hot… Like omg it’s southern hot… Humid… Sticky… Sweaty… All I want to do is be in a pool or hiding indoors watching tons of episodes of the OC on Hulu 😊… Anyways…. This week was one of those weeks where I felt like we were all over the place and when I finally took time to catch my breath I was shocked that it was the weekend and time to blog… (One day I will get my act together and blog more than once a week… Maybe when the little guy starts school this fall.)  Let’s go on with our favs this week. 

1. Little guy went to his first splash pad this past weekend and omg… He loved it. 💚💚💚 I have started calling him my water baby/ fish. He is walking with assistance and not crawling so it was a bit of work to hold him or to convince him to sit on the ground but he had a great time. 

2. I have no cooking pictures or recipes to give you because we cooked a whopping 2 meals this week.  One dinner was hot dogs and a stewed bean recipe which I will try and blog soon. Our other meal was the tequila lime chicken with rice and black beans that we made last week and I wanted to remake this week. I loved that dinner and so did the guys so it wasn’t hard convincing Justin to have it again this week. 

3. This week with the heat wave we have spent a good amount of time indoors.. No stroller walks 🙁 but on the plus side little guy is starting to play more with Leo. He has started throwing Leo’s toys to him and it’s too cute. 

4. Also this ball pit we got him for his birthday he is starting to enjoy more… This week he has decided though it is fun to throw the balls at mom instead of keeping them in the ball pit… Ah work in progress 😄

Happy Weekend! 



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