Friday Favs- success

This week we “cooked” and I put it in quotes because it’s not near what my cooking used to be but its way better than take out. Also we moved more this week. Those were my two goals and I am so proud of our little family for accomplishing both. Here’s our favs for the week. 

1. Dinner was made 4 nights this week! I’m not shocked at all  because we called in help. 

Sunday’s dinner could not have been easier thanks to the rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. It’s not a pretty picture but it’s quite tasty. I like adding roasted chopped pecans, grapes, dill, garlic powder, and celery seed to my chicken salad. Also I use my food processor for some help. 

We invited my mom over for dinner Monday and had her basically make the hamburgers that Justin then grilled with her assistance. We served it with roasted cauliflower and chickpeas from It’s All Good . I promise mom next time we have you over we won’t make you cook. 😉

Tuesday’s dinner was made in less than thirty minutes. Justin and I are both loving  the chicken sausages that we grabbed from Costco. We keep them in the freezer and pull them out the night before we are going to eat them to thaw in the fridge. We served them with slaw. Easy peasy 

Wednesday’s dinner we prepped on Tuesday which made it an easy meal to get on the table. We made Barefoot Contessa’s Tequila Lime Chicken. We bought bone in chicken breasts and marinated them the day before and Justin grilled them Wednesdsy night. We served them with Kats Cilantro Lime Rice  and her blackbeans. Yum! This was my favorite meal of the week.  Already we have decided to make this meal in the form of rice bowls next week. 💚💚💚

2. I’m not sure if I would call the next thing a fav for little guy but the outing with our good friends, Nadia and Ava was really fun. We went to the Crayola Experience at Mall of America. Kids that are under three are free. We had a coupon so it ended up costing each parent $15.00.  We went right when they open at 10 AM which was smart because it just gets more packed as the day goes on. The toddler area is pretty small. The little guy did enjoy the lite brite wall. He spent the rest of the time being pushed in the stroller. They have lots of interactive play areas and places designed for kids to color pictures with crayons or paint with watercolors. Nadia and I really enjoyed the area where you get to melt crayons and mold them into shapes like rings, race cars, and animals which you get to take home with you (no additional cost, it’s included with your admission). My opinion is that I will not be bringing Ross back until he is in the 3-4 age range. It’s a great place for older kiddos. 

Hope your weekend is full of smiles and sunshine. 

(I think we are getting a lot of rain ☔️) 



One thought on “Friday Favs- success

  1. Love that you tried the rice and beans – suh a staple for us! Love the idea of tequila lime chicken in a bowl too. Very good twist.

    Every day we survive feeding everyone in the family is a victory. Party on, lady. Party on.


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