Friday Friday Friday!

 I really enjoyed  4th of July falling  on  Monday. It felt like a staycation having Justin home Saturday through Tuesday. Our favs this week are a mix for everyone (even our favorite four legged pal, Leo) 

1.  We are really enjoying walking around the neighborhood after Justin gets home from work. My mom got our little guy this awesome stroller/tricycle for his birthday. It changes as he grows bigger and he loves riding in it. 

2.   Little guy had his 1st S’more on Sunday at the farmers market. All 3 of us really loved these marshmallows from North Mallow and Co. Also how cute is the make your own s’more set up. 

3. I’m so glad the meal I had planned for Tuesday night was super simple. When we started prepping our dinner this crazy storm was happening and our lights were flickering… I was freaking out because I did not want to lose power. We ended up not losing power and enjoying an easy yummy meal. I roasted some beets in the oven, sliced up a grocery rotisserie chicken, and made some garlicky dill potatoes.  (My photography skills are not superb but trust me it was quite good.) 

4. Leo (the pup) is all about his toys. I found a new rubber toy for him (this brand also makes some of his other favs (Harriet, some of you know 😉) I am thinking this one could really hold up which would be great. 

5.  Little guy is not in school yet and the teacher bug in me has been itching lately. I have found some great ideas on instagram. My favorite thing to make him are discovery bins. I walk around the house and just plop a bunch of random stuff in a small plastic bin and then I let the little guy look through it and explore. One of my favorites from this week was a rainbow bin. 

Hope your weekend is full of farmers markets and friends! Our goal is to go to 2 farmers markets this weekend. 


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