5 Friday Favs

I’m trapped in the car and parked in the driveway  right now as little guy snores soundly. He has decided his afternoon nap needed to happen on our way home from lunch. My favs this week are a bit of a jumble… I was looking through my album on my phone and realized I had neglected to share some stuff from previous weeks. Bring on the mish mosh: 

1. My new favorite salad is the Mediterranean salad at Potbelly with hummus instead of dressing… sooo good and I don’t even miss the bread 🙂

2. We went strawberry picking on Tuesday and had a blast. It was Justin and my 2nd time at Berry Hill Farm and Ross’s 1st. I wish I could tell you I had big plans with all the berries but we ended up just eating them as is. 

3. Justin and I went for a much needed date night on Sunday night to Mucci’s in St Paul. It opened earlier this year and it has been on my list. The star of the show was definitely the garlic montananara… It’s like a revved up garlic bread. The pizza is also made from that same dough and omg I ❤️ it! Justin raved about the lasagna and I was quite impressed with the gnocchi appetizer. Also if you know me really well then you know my ❤️ for tiramisu… I said goodbye to it for 9 months while pregnant and it seems like ever since then when I see it I have to have it… This tiramisu should not be passed up because even Justin couldn’t stop eating it and he kept saying but I don’t even like Tiramisu! 

4. Yes, this is little guy’s changing table and you are probably wondering why this is in the favs well… Look at the map above it… Ever since Justin and I started dating I was keenly aware of his obsession with maps… The way I decorate with fun finds from art fairs is the way he did with maps… When we got married I got rid of the maps all over the walls and I knew Justin missed them… So… Compromise! for Father’s Day we got him this USA map and told him he could hang it anywhere in the playroom or if he wanted he could put it in Ross’s room… Well this is where he picked and its staying… 🙂 I love how sometimes I hear conversations between the two of them during diaper changes such as this is where your mom is from and this is where your great grandma lives 💚💚💚

5. One is fun but omg it’s also really busy.  Even though he’s not walking or crawling on his own we have to watch him like a hawk… Exhibit A (above picture) he gets into things that I don’t expect. I have been doing tons of discovery bins by color and plan on moving on to textures and etc… 

What’s your favs this Friday? 

Hope your weekend is full of popsicles and fireworks! (I’m probably going to miss the fireworks but maybe next year.) Happy 4th of July! 



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