Friday Favs- First trip to Duluth

The Friday Favs this week are all about Duluth. My dad is here visiting right now and we drove to Duluth on Tuesday for the day. It was my dad and the little guys first trip to Duluth. We hit all the highlights and I think they both had a blast. 

Lunch- Northern Waters Smokehaus

It’s tough to say who enjoyed this place the most. Little guy tried smoked whitefish for  the first time and loved it. I got an Italian sandwich that had ricotta and a couple varieties of salami and some olives that was delish. Just look at this menu 😋

Our spread: 

Exploring-  We drove a bit and ended up at Split Rock Lighthouse. We parked by pebble beach and walked over to the water. It was so cold! We found a picnic bench and decided to do a pie  taste test between two local favorites: Betty’s Pies and Rustic Inn Cafe.  

(left Rustic Inn Cafe Summer Berry Pie and on the right is Betty’s Great Lakes Pie) 

All three of us agreed that as far as presentation went Betty’s looked much better.  

The vote was split though when it came to taste. Justin and I enjoyed Betty’s more. My dad liked Rustic Inn better.  

It was a great trip to Duluth and we can’t wait to go back. 

Hope your weekend is full of a dash of relaxation, lots of laughter, and a ton of smiles. I’m excited to have a somewhat low key weekend with Justin and the little guy. 



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