Little Guy is 1! 

Wow, I knew that the time would come faster than I could imagine to write this post. The little guy turned 1 today. It was jammed packed with a giant doughnut for breakfast, first haircut, trip to Minnehaha Falls, Sea Salt for lunch, and a smash cake for an afternoon snack. 

He handled his haircut like a champ. No tears and no fussing 🙂 

He is patiently waiting for his fried fish to come. It helped that we gave him an appetizer of goldfish crackers. 😊

​The smash cake did not go as well as I’d expected. This kiddo is so much like his dad. He does not like getting his hands messy. We tried putting his hand on the cake, giving him pieces of cake to taste and even a fork to poke the cake with. We are having another cake on Saturday so we will try it again. He’s had cake before and liked picking it up so maybe today he just wasn’t feeling it. 

Our last picture with the blocks!  



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