Friday Favs- Lets make a list

Usually I write Friday Favs in sections (recipes, restaurants, little guy 💚s). This post I want to try something different and do it in list form. I 💚 making lists.  I used to be obsessed with post it notes but now I feel that I can keep myself best organized by jotting it down on my phone either in Evernote or Google Calendar.  Anyways I’m gonna try this as a list today and see how I feel about it. 

1. I’m loving taking the little guy swimming. This past weekend we went swimming with our friends, Laura, Mike, and their daughter. Laura got a great picture of the two kiddos after a fun afternoon. 

2. 4 Bells has a fantastic brunch. We went last Sunday after a trip to the farmers market. Justin got biscuits and gravy and I got chicken and waffles. 

3. One of my favorite things about summer is all of the farmers markets. We went to the Minneapolis Farmers Market on Sunday and left with a ton of fresh basil. I made a ton of pesto.  We ended up grilling up some chicken and serving it with a small side of pasta and a big salad. Little guy 💚s pesto! 

4. I have a new fav and its name is Sugarfina. It’s like a grown up candy shop. It seemed like I was reading a lot about this place and seeing it all over Instagram. I ordered a couple things and tried one thing today. I posted a picture on Instagram of their  gummy ice cream cones.  I ended up getting a taster packet of these.(The package had probably about 12 of them.)They come in three flavors: strawberry, raspberry, and vanilla. I really liked them. They were soft and a little chewy and not too sweet. I would definitely order these again. 

5. Little guy started to walk this week with assistance. I’m such a proud mama. I’m going to admit that for the last 5 months I have been worrying a ton over the fact that he chose to never crawl. I felt like he was an exception to the rule. Wherever we would go (mom groups, friend get togethers, etc) I would notice kids his age crawling around and I would freak out. He would sit on my lap and watch or stand holding on to a table, couch, etc. I’m a planner and I realized I could not schedule my child to crawl or walk… He had to do it on his own time when he was ready. I have learned that all that truly matters is being present in the moment and enjoying watching the little guy grow. 


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