Friday favs a la Summer time

It’s summer and I’m smilin! We spent two great days at the pool this past weekend. Little guy wore his swimsuit for the first time. It’s more of a swimtunic per se but it’s fantastic for all the sun exposure. I love how it zips in the back and has snaps at the bottom. I don’t have to yank it over his head which makes us both happy.  My favs this week are short and sweet… 

Recipes- I cooked 1 night this week which is kind of a fail for me but we had some dinners with family and anyways the one meal I did make was whipped up quickly thanks to my favorite grocery store buy: rotisserie chicken… I roasted some cauliflower and butternut squash and made some polenta croutons and we threw it all together in  a GIANT salad with a bit of crumbled feta. Yum! I’m planning on hitting the farmers market this weekend and getting inspired and back in the kitchen next week. Stay tuned…

Restaurant 💚- We went to Spitz this past weekend and I loved it. Their concept is Mediterranean street food which is right up my alley because anything slathered  in Tzatzki or hummus is right up their on my favs list. We shared the street cart fries and wow… Delish!  

Little Guy update- A little less than 2 weeks and I will have a one year old… Ahh I just can’t believe it… I will stop bringing out the blocks and taking monthly pictures and I will start calling him one… I know I keep saying it but wow this year has gone fast. We have watched him grow and grow and develop into our sweet, chill, smiley guy. I’m one lucky mama… Now this week I couldn’t help myself and I bought him a xylophone… He loved it and we created our own three piece band one night after dinner. Little guy played the xylophone, dad had the bells, and mom on tambourine… We are available for weddings, bar and bat mitzvah…if anyone is interested… JK.. We had a blast and loved watching his face light up. 

Happy Summer! 



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