Friday Favs are back! 

This week was full of success! After 3 hours in the backyard picking weeds I felt like our yard looked so much better. Also we made 3 dinners this week and I think the most exciting thing is little guy appears to be on the brink of some form of movement on his own. He is very adventurous and has become quite fond of throwing himself from sitting into our laps. 

The rotisserie chicken from the grocery store is our best friend. It makes it really easy to accomplish great dinners. I have made this salad a couple times and it couldn’t be easier. I  roasted some beets in the oven, pan fried some feta, and we used a bottle of balsamic dressing. 

I made this up on Wednesday night. I really wanted a burger but not the bun. It’s not pretty but it was really great. We used our grill pan and made some burgers, sautéed some onions and placed everything on lettuce. I would definitely make this again. 

Our dinner from last night I don’t have a picture of but it was another quick one to whip up. We fried some eggs, sautéed onions, and added some hash browns to it to make a breakfast bowl. 

Little Guy 💚s-  This past week we got the little guy some new shoes. I made the mistake of going on a Saturday morning which I will NEVER do again. It was so busy and I learned my lesson.  The shoes he got are so stinking cute and they Velcro.   

Another fun thing this week  was watching him try chocolate ice cream for the first time. He definitely liked it. 

One of our new favorite things that he go this week was a baseball cap. I was shocked he kept it on his head for so long. Also he let his silly mom play with it and take funny pictures of him. 

Hope your weekend is full of summer fun 




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