All About Survival- Friday Favs

I’m raising the white flag and saying hello to the weekend. This week was a good bit nutty but aok we made it through . Little guy had a nasty cold that looks like it is finally on the way out but with a trip to the pediatrician on Thursday we learned his rosey red cheeks are probably the cause of him welcoming in molars… Ahhh teething… I wish I had been more aware of how it can turn my sweet, relaxed guy into a little screaming monster… He has 8 teeth right now and it looks like 2 more are on the way.  Besides all of the craziness with him my phone decided to go cuckoo on Tuesday night… Thank goodness it was still under warranty and after a trip to the Apple Store I was able to walk away with a new phone. 

The amount of cooking accomplished this week- 0 

New Recipes to share- 0 

Little Guy turned 11 months on Monday and I am still in a state of shock that we will be celebrating his birthday next month. I feel like I say this constantly but time is flying/soaring by.

I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas for his birthday and have pinned some fun stuff and started to get a bit crafty but…I’m not going to give anything away so you will have to just wait and see 😊 

I’m planning out a grocery list for Sunday in preparation to have lots of great recipes to share with you next week. 
Wishing you a weekend full of flip flops and farmers markets. ( two things I will be embracing this weekend 😎) 



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