Friday Favs: bye bye April

Last week I was craving spring and this week with the temperature being a little on the chillier side I feel like we lived in sweatshirts and under mountains of blankets. The most exciting thing though about this week… WE COOKED! 3 nights this week and we tackeled 3 new recipes. I’m amazed that it actually happened and hoping for maybe 4 nights next week. 

Recipes: On Sunday I had brunch with some friends and became inspired to make my own chicken broth (thanks Ali 🙂). I used the Barefoot Contessa’s Chicken Soup recipe and I ended up just making the  matzah balls from the mix. I’ll try whipping up my own matzah balls on another day I was mainly laser eye focused on conquering my fear of making my own chicken broth/soup. I learned a lot from this experience. First I need a stock pot. My dutch oven did not produce much broth and we had to bring in reinforcement (boxed chicken broth) when we ate it on Monday. Also I learned that it is best served a day after you make it. I was able to shuffle our menu and make what we planned on having Monday night for Sunday night. Last thing make sure to cover the pot when you return the chicken to the pot after you have taken the chicken breast off and reserved it. Ali informed me that by not doing this I was losing even more liquid when it was simmering on the stove for those 3 hours. 

(I sent this picture to Ali to ask for help on how I was only able to make that little of an amount of broth.) 

This week I was able to crack open my copy of The Homesick Texan Cookbook. I’ve  been wanting to make stuff from this cookbook for the last month since I got it and I finally was successful. I made her Tex Mex Meatloaf with Chipotle Tomato Glaze on Sunday night and served it with broccoli and I made her Green Chile Chowder on Thursday night. We really liked both of these recipes and they will be made again soon. 

Restaurants: I think I might have a new restaurant 💚 and its name is UniDeli. I really don’t know where to begin. Justin, little dude, and I went there for lunch last Friday and had ramen. I’ve tried a lot of ramen places in the twin cities and I must say I think they have the BEST. When we were leaving I was already trying to figure out when I could come back. It’s a great place to take kids because it’s in the middle of  an Asian supermarket and so it’s okay if your kiddos are loud like our little dude. 😊

Little 💚s: This week my mom came with us to music class which was so much fun. My mom, little dude, and I love music. It comes as no surprise that when my mom brought him this tiny accordion on Wednesday when we met for lunch that it would become one of his new favs. You know who else loves the accordion… Leo 😄 

Little dude is learning how to share with his pal. 

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! 



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