Friday favs from the little dude

I’ve been wanting to do a  post about what I’ve learned the last 10 months from the little guy. A couple of items I have bought that have been lifesavers versus the things that I would not recommend even if they were the cutest. This is my personal opinion and I have not been given any form of compensation or free products. 

1. Ugg boots-FAIL- I thought these were adorable and we could match. They did not stay on his feet and even though it was so stinking cute on him.. I would instead recommend the Robeez boots. (Picture below) 

2. Auto Rock N PlaySUCCESS– I think Justin would agree that this is one of the best things we bought. I’m so quick to suggest it whenever I meet someone who is about to have a baby. It gave us hours and hours of sleep. This one is a bit different because it can be plugged in to rock on its own (AMAZING) and it has a spot for batteries for it to vibrate while not plugged in.   
3. Magnificent Baby FootieSUCCESS– I bought this for him before he was born when we were in Florida on vacation.  I had no idea how much I would love this outfit. The bicycle pattern is so cute and the snaps are magnetic. Genius idea! 

4. Tommee Tippee Roll and Go BibSUCCESS-  A friend of mine suggested I try these and they are great. I had tons and tons of bibs that were given to us with the little guys monogram and etc but these can be scrubbed with a sponge and some soap and left to air dry. I love not having to do more laundry. 

5. Nuk Learner CupSUCCESS- Little guy has tried a couple different sippy cups with no success. Someone suggested I check out the nuk cup and he loves it. It cracks me up that he will only hold it with one hand. Justin and I have tried to help him hold it with his left hand too but he gets mad at us when we try to help him. 😊

Hope your weekend is filled with some sun, fun, and a bit of relaxation. (That’s definitely what I am wishing for 🙂) 



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