Friday Favs- hello spring 🌷

  It’s gorgeous outside! The window is open as I blog and it’s AMAZING. This week we stayed healthy and managed to cook on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Also we continued to eat meals full of protein and veggies. I refuse to tell y’all I am on a diet because that is not what it is. I am not depriving myself of anything. I still occasionally have soda and I enjoy dark chocolate often in moderation. I told Justin twice this week that by amping up the lean protein and fresh veggies in my meals, cutting down on the carbs, and drinking more water that I feel better. I have more energy to play with the little guy. 🙂 


 Recipes- I had the most delicious chicken in Atlanta while we were visiting family. I begged Ned for the recipe and he sent it to me. He told me you can add any combination of hearts of palm, canned artichokes, capers, olives. Also it’s best served reheated the next day. Justin and I made it on Tuesday afternoon and reheated Wednesday night. We served it with a bit of rice. We ended up doing 5 chicken thighs and 3 chicken breasts. Next time I make this I am going to double the lemon rub. 


Little Guy 💙s-  He turned 10 months today and omg he is such a little stinker. It seems that taking pictures of him gets harder and harder as he gets older. This week he seems to be all about things he cannot have: iPhone cords, tv remotes, phones. He is not crawling but whenever he is near any of this stuff his extra long arms manage to reach it. I snapped a cute picture of him on Wednesday playing with his toy bucket. I think maybe I should just stop buying him toys and introduce him to    the storage bin aisle at Target. It’s one of my favorite things so maybe he will have the same  💚 of organizing like his mama… Ah, a gal can dream 😊

Hope your weekend is full of lots of fun outside! ☀️🌷



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