Friday Favs: is it spring yet?

  It’s Friday! Another week has flown by and as I type this I am noticing out my window that the sun is out. ☀️  Yippee for some sunshine… Now my favs: this week might be more geared towards the little guy… I am kind of in a cooking rut and ready for farmers markets and fresh veggies but… I am hoping to find some inspiration in the kitchen next week to share with y’all. 

Recipes: Justin and I cooked 2 times this week. We made Giada’s Chicken Marsala Meatballs with steamed broccoli and last night we had my favorite pancakes from the mix: Pamela’s . I jazzed up a couple of the pancakes with slices of bananas and chocolate chips. I am not gluten free but try to eat less carbs.  

Little Guy 💚s: This week I am trying so hard to let the little guy feed himself. It’s hard because he makes such a mess and it kind of drives me nuts but I know I just gotta do it. So… He attempted yogurt one day and made a bit of progress thanks to the num num spoon. Another day he had small pieces of string cheese which he gnawed on and yesterday he held pieces of banana and chewed on them. He’s a big fan of solids which is kind of bittersweet because it’s sad to think he’s not a teeny tiny baby anymore but at the same time it’s amazing to see him grow. 

Hope your weekend is full of sunshine. 



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