Friday Favs from Bama 🐘

We are in the car and  on our way to Atlanta to hang out  with our family and friends there. Justin is driving and I’m in the back with the little guy as he snores softly. We flew into Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon and drove straight to Birmingham to spend some time with my dad and friends.  My Friday favs for this week  are going to be Alabama themed (my home town🙂).  

Bama Bites: 

1. Zoe’s Kitchen- I can’t tell you how long it’s been in Birmingham…I think when I was in high school… Anyways they have my favorite Greek salad. They hide their delicious vinaigrette based potato salad at the bottom and pile lettuce, caramelize onions, feta, tomatoes, and grilled chicken on top. We met my dad for lunch here. Little guy enjoyed a side of potato salad and some giggles with his Poppie (his grandfather). 

2. Steel City Pops– Our friends, Ben and Jennifer and their adorable kiddos introduced us to this place last night. Omg… I loved it! Homemade Popsicles… Yum 😋 I had a toasted marshmallow one. Justin had a mango popsicle and he shared a lick with the little guy. I loved the expression that he gave us when he tried it. The mango was a little tart and he puckered his lips a bit… Ahh so stinkin cute! 

3. Olive Branch- When Justin and I were planning our trip to Birmingham  he told me we had to make a stop here for gyros. When we lived in Birmingham I think we ate here at least once a week. Always we ordered the same thing… Gyros with extra taziki sauce. I think it’s safe for me to speak for both of us and say the gyros were just as good as we remembered. An added bonus… we were able to meet up with our friends  who got  to meet the little guy for the first time. These are friends that I’ve know  my whole life and it was so special to get to introduce my little one to them.❤️❤️❤️   

Little Guy ❤️s-  We grabbed him a new toy yesterday while we were walking around the Homewood area. We went to Homewood Toy & Hobby and found him the coolest football made by Oball in the best colors: red and white! Roll Tide 🐘❤️ 



Hope your weekend is full of sunshine and smiles. 😎☀️



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