Fast Forward… It’s Friday!

I’m not going to lie I had to look at my google calendar to remember all that has happened this past week. It’s a whirlwind of getting back to the gym, baby story time, 9 month doctor appointment, and some family time thrown in there too! 

Did we cook this week (help Justin… I can’t remember… which means probably no)? 
My pal, Galina brought me the most amazing salami which I ❤️and so does Justin. We managed to make our own version of an egg mcmuffin for lunch on Tuesday with the salami. I whipped it up and with no recipe. His and hers and of course the cholula is in the picture because it makes everything taste better. 

I had high hopes of whipping up some hamantashen this week but nope that did not happen. I have a couple different recipes I would love to test out. I think I will probably end up making them in April when our lives are less crazy. Maybe I can fashion them into circles and just call them special cookies…I’ll keep you updated on how that all turns out.  

Random items bought this week: Little guy is growing out of his clothes at rapid speed.A couple of weeks ago I was shown the toddler section at Gap Kids and I literally had to fight back tears. Where did my baby go? I ended up ordering him two sweatshirt zip ups in size 2 years… Eek 

Little guy 💚s: Leo, our dog…It is one of the cutest things to watch. They are best buds and have been since we brought him home from the hospital in June. Justin and I watch them often and can’t get over how lucky we are that Leo is so great with him. He shares his toys with Leo and Leo shares his toys with him. 

It’s hard to pick just one of the two of them. 

Happy Friday Everyone! Hope your weekend is relaxing and fun. 😊



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