Brunchin at Spoon and Stable 

  This past Sunday  I went to brunch with my friend, Galina  at Spoon and Stable. We made a reservation a couple weeks in advance which was suggested by my pal, Alli. When you sit down they give you a small piece of paper with a list of pastries on it that you can choose to order before your meal. We tried a pistachio white chocolate croissant, pear almond Danish, salted caramel doughnut, vanilla chantilly brioche. They were all really delicious. My favorite was the pear almond danish. The danish had almond paste in it and omg it was AMAZING! Our entree  we ended up sharing was the duck confit hash which was the perfect balance of the richness from the duck and all the veggies that came with it. Also we split sides of hash browns with Gruyere cheese and creamed spinach with cheese curds on top. It was quite a decadent brunch and not something I would do weekly but it’s a great place to go as a treat! I would highly recommend it. 🙂




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